Samstag, 14. November 2015

US Botschafter: Albanische Minister, Abgeordnete, Richter, sind korrupt und inkompetend

Das kriminelle Enterprise ist Langzeit finanziert durch korrupte Politiker und Verbrecher der NATO Staaten, Weltbank, IMF, EU und den Berliner Ratten. Die Intelligenz verliess das Land, die Inkompetenden Ganoven haben das Sagen.

TV Rede, der US Botschafter spricht Albanisch

US Ambassador in Tirana: In Albania has corrupted ministers, has deputies criminals, has the court incompetent, has incriminated parliament

donald lu

It has some time that the US Department Relations with Albania, are going just as occurred in 1996. Albanian leaders, are the same character, rob assets and public funds, being confronted with social problems from more serious poverty.

TIRANA US ambassador in Tirana, Donald Lu, known for the direct language to express, said on Friday that the judicial reform are preventing Albanian political leaders. "Who fears more justice reform? I know who, corrupt ministers, MPs criminals, incompetent judges, and prosecutors who take your money when you do not prosecute someone, "he said.

He further said that US support all proposals for judicial reform and that reform should remove judges and prosecutors are corrupt and incompetent and will create the first opportunity for the establishment of an independent system of bribery, powerful people and crime organized.

USA; Weltbank, korrupte Deutsche Politiker und die Mafia der Entwicklungshilfe und der Privatisierung zerstören die gesamte Welt.

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