Police make new arrests in Agrobanka case
BELGRADE -- Police started arresting suspects in the Agrobanka case on Saturday morning, First Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić told B92.
Serbian police Director Milorad Veljović told B92 that Habitfarm owner Radoslav Sekulić and his son were arrested for their involvement in the Agrobanka case.
B92 has learnt that the two of them were arrested in their house in Belgrade. Aside from them, six more persons suspected of malversations in Agrobanka were arrested on Saturday.

According to Veljović, the police arrested one more suspect who tried to leave the country.

He told a press conference that the suspects were arrested in connection with a loan worth EUR 50mn.

Vučić said that the Prosecution would react soon and file necessary charges.

The arrests are made as a part of the state organs’ operation against corruption which was announced by Vučić earlier.

Prime Minister Ivica Dačić has announced that the investigation will be expanded and continued.

Nine persons suspected of incurring damages to Agrobanka were arrested earlier this month, including former Agrobanka Executive Board President Dušan Antonić.