Montag, 26. April 2010

Die Albaner Faschisten und Verbrecher Banden, fluten den Griechischen Besiedlungs Raum in Sued Albanien

Albania, latest security and developments news

United Front of Greater Albania, an illegal rally in Himare

NATO security services in Albania, are alarmed by this development undesirable, jeopardizing the fragile geopolitical stability in Albania

Had come as tourists from Albania, Kosovo, FYROM, Montenegro and completed by developing a nationalist congress, provoking heavy feelings in the community of Hellenes in Himara.

While another Congress, just of "Omonia" is being held in Saranda, a group of "tourists", come in Himara from various regions of Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro and FYROM, organized in one of the hotels of the town, an Albanian Nationalist Congress.

The group was identified as the United Front of Greater Albania. The News is distributed by "Gazeta Shqiptare" and "News 24", which had filmed the development within the Hotel.

At the same time, hundreds citizens of Himara, were collected at the hotel, where was held The Congress of Albanian Nationalists and asked them to leave Himara as soon as possible, because the consequences could be unpredictable.

The Police Department caught the "surprise" tried to block the entrances of the hotel, so when "tourists guests" can be raise on the bus and depart for leaving Himara.

According to "News 24", the Albanian nationalists in Congress, were thrown psllogans as "will all die for Albania", "Himara is Albania", "Greater Albania by the Tivar in Preveza" ecct

Meanwhile the "Albanian Newspaper" thought that this leader of the nationalist group, has Gafur Adili, character sought by the secret services of NATO, isolated for years because it represents great risk for ethnic clashes in the region.

Sources from Tirana said that NATO security services in Albania, are alarmed by this development undesirable, jeopardizing the fragile geopolitical stability in Albania. 
Kommentar: Die FBKSH, wird seit Jahren von dem Verfassungs Schutz boobachtet und gehoert zu der von der UN verbotenen AKSH, oder auch Albanian National Army genannt. Eine reine Verbrecher Organisation, welche ihren Haupt Sitz in Tetova und Kumanovo hat in Mazedonischen, und wo sehr prominenente Verbrecher, wie Lushataku, der Veteranen Verein der UCK Terroristen usw.. dazu gehoeren und die Hintermaenner sind, um ihre kriminellen Geschaefte zu tarnen.

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