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Erneut ein Waffen Versteck der Albaner Mafia in Mazedonien entdeckt

Macedonia Busts Large Weapons Stash

Skopje | 30 April 2010
Some of the seized weapons, Photo by FoNet
Some of the seized weapons, Photo by FoNet
Macedonian police on Thursday seized a large stash of personal firearms and explosives hidden in several bunkers in the mountainous terrain near the border with Kosovo.

Über ein Gerücht, Grenzkontrollen zum Kosovo wegfallen zu lassen, wird natürlich gleich weider spekuliert.

“Valley Albanians favor land swap”
19 August 2007 | 13:26 | Source: Beta
PREŠEVO -- Ethic Albanian leaders from the Preševo Valley say redrawing of borders between Kosovo and Serbia proper is a good solution.

Serbia's volatile southern region is patrolled by MUP forces: Gendarmerie troops in Bujanovac (FoNet, archive)
Serbia's volatile southern region is patrolled by MUP forces: Gendarmerie troops in Bujanovac

“The Contact Group, Belgrade and Priština may find the alteration of borders unacceptable, while the Preševo Valley Albanians beg to differ,” Priština daily Koha Ditore wrote in its Sunday edition.

The newspaper quoted Preševo municipal president Ragmi Mustafa as saying that this solution “would contribute to the preservation of peace in the entire Balkans, if crucial factors managed to agree and support the swap of the territory.”

Former Kosovo prime minister Bajram Rexhepi said Friday that Priština could agree to partitioning of the province only if it gets the municipalities of Preševo, Bujanovac and Medve a in the Preševo Valley in Serbia's south.

“The exchange of territory between Serbia proper and Kosovo would make up a favorable solution with respect to promoting long-term solid and sustainable neighborly relations,” Mustafa was reported as saying.


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Kosovo: Arms smugglers arrested
30 April 2010 | 11:43 | Source: Tanjug
PRIŠTINA -- Seven people suspected of involvement in weapons smuggling were arrested in the southern Kosovo village of Begrac, near Mt. Kačanik.
This came after an incident near Blace on the Macedonian border, when police and a group of Kosovo Albanians exchanged fire.

Kosovo police, KPS, and KFOR discovered an unspecified amount of weapons and military uniforms placed in a plastic barrel, as well as pisotls, six boxes of fuses, an automatic rifle, six grenades and detonation wires during a search of two houses in Begrac.

The so-called Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) uniforms, notepads, receipts, stamps and other items with logos of an organization dubbed the Persistence Fund were found, the media in Priština reported.

The suspects’ identities are unknown.

KPS, however, could not confirm whether the arrests were connected to the incident in Blace, where Macedonian police seized a large amount of weapons after a shootout yesterday with “men wearing uniforms”.

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