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Kosovo, Bosnia, 1 degree of separation from Al-Qaeda

The Centre for Peace in the Balkans
Bosnia, 1 degree of separation from Al-Qaeda

Analysis, July 2003

Acta est fabula

Al-Qaeda ("The Foundation") is a conglomerate of groups spread throughout the world operating as a network. It has a global reach, with a presence both on its own and through some of the terrorist organizations that operated under its umbrella, including: Egyptian Islamic Jihad, which was led by Ayman al-Zawahiri, and at times, the Islamic Group (also known as "el Gamaa Islamia" or simply "Gamaa't"), and a number of Jihad (a Jihad- "Muslim Holy War") groups in other countries, including Sudan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Somalia, Eritrea, Djibouti, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bosnia, Kosovo region of Serbia, Croatia, Albania, Algeria, Tunisia, Lebanon, the Philippines, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Kashmiri region of India and the Chechnyan region of Russia.

Al Qaeda also maintained cells and personnel in a number of countries to facilitate its activities, including in Kenya, Tanzania, the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Malaysia, and the United States.

Since September 11, U.S. peacekeepers in Bosnia have been watching radical Islamic Mujahadeens (Mujahadeen - holy warrior) who came to fight the Balkan wars - and then stayed on. Several people in Bosnia have been questioned for links to international terrorism. Six of them "all Algerians" were arrested and handed over to the U.S. Government. They still are reported to be in Guantanamo Bay.

The United States has long been alarmed by the presence in Bosnia of hundreds of Arab-born Muslim fundamentalists who first traveled there in the 1990´s to fight for the nation’s predominantly Muslim population during the civil war. Many went there at the direction of Osama bin Laden, who apparently saw the opportunity for a Jihad defending Muslims against Serb and Croat Christians.

Osama Bin Laden directly aided the Bosnian Muslims, both financially (weapons procurement) and with training. In addition, that same "aid" was extended to the separatist Albanians of Kosovo and Macedonia. Ironically, the US found Bin Laden and his supporters "convenient" allies when dealing with Bosnian Muslims and Kosovo Albanians, again in another so-called struggle for "freedom".

The following text will be a brief outline of the major Al-Qaeda terrorist activities that one way or another link Bosnia to the Global terrorism.

Osama bin Laden links

On June 06 2003, French authorities arrested Christian Ganczarski, a Muslim convert born in Germany, at a Paris airport. Ganczarski made several visits to Qaeda training camps, and he was phoned by Al Qaeda suicide bomber moments before the suspect blew himself up at a Tunisian synagogue in April 2002.

"(Intelligence) services know that he is a top leader of Al Qaeda, in contact with Osama bin Laden himself, and has been in Afghanistan and Bosnia,- French Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy told France’s Parliament.

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