Dienstag, 30. April 2013

Der Bosnische Präsident Zivko Budimir und 18 Amts Träger, wegen Korrupton und auch Drogen Schmuggel verhaftet

Balkan Style: die Mafia hat ihre Leute in der Regierung und Budimir ist Hasan Gencic Familie.

Identisch in den meisten Balkan Ländern, nachdem vor über 20 Jahren der IMF, die Weltbank und korrupte ausländische Wirtschafts Lobbyisten und die Georg Soros Banden, den Balkan kriminalisiert hatten.

Corruption fight a 'priority,' BiH minister says

The arrest of FBiH President Zivko Budimir and 18 other officials is a major crackdown on organised crime, agency said.

By Bedrana Kaletović for Southeast European Times in Sarajevo -- 29/04/13

Budmir advisor Petar Barisic was arrested Friday (April 26th). [Bljesak]

In an unprecedented move in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), the State Investigation and Protection Agency organised a anti-corruption actions against 19 political ofificials, including Federation of BiH President Zivko Budimir.

Also arrested Friday (April 26th) were the Commission for Pardons in FBiH President Hidajat Halilovic and Budmir advisor Petar Barisic.

The actions were jointly conducted by the military, the police and the prosecution in both entities.

"The goal of [the] activities is to detect corruption criminal offenses perpetrated by the highest officials of the Federation," Boris Grubešić, FBIH Prosecution spokesman, told SETimes.

"The arrested are suspected of criminal offences related to corruption, abuse of power, illicit trafficking in drugs and organised crime," Kristina Jozić, a spokeswoman for the Agency for Investigation and Protection Agency, told SETimes.

Budimir is suspected of corruption and taking bribes to pardon several prisoners. The vice president freed 96 prisoners, including 36 murderers, last year.

The BiH Ministry of Security backed the action.

"The fight against organised crime and corruption and their detection is an absolute priority for law enforcement agencies," Security Minister Fahrudin Radoncic told SETimes.

Agency members also searched the offices in the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina building in Sarajevo and the FBiH government building in Mostar.

State Prosecutor Oleg Čavka did not comment on the speculation that Budimir called on his immunity.
According to the state Pardon Act, the president and vice presidents of the Federation of BiH, members of the government of the Federation of BiH, as well as members of the cantonal government, are only immune from civil liability.--....

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