Dienstag, 25. März 2014

Das Leiden der Bären im Kosovo und Albanien

Ungehindert, werden Bären auch in grosser Sommer Hitze durch die Strassen von Durres bis zum Kosovo getrieben um Geld damit zuverdienen

Restaurant bears and the human scum that abuses them
Wild bears are still exploited in central Europe, taken from the wild as cubs and often kept in appalling conditions. Patrick Barkham travels to Kosovo, where the Four Paws charity has rescued bears kept in cages at restaurants as entertainment for diners. They are now being cared for at a sanctuary, where vets hope to treat the physically and mentally scarred bears, and where one is castrated to prevent him from breeding and perpetuating the problem of bears in captivity

Das Balkan Peace Projekt, in den Bergen um Shala und Theti stagniert

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