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Serbischer Präsident fordert von der NATO eine Kompensation für die Kriegs Schäden

Serbian president seeking war compensation from NATO (translation)
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Posted on Do 17 Apr 2014 
Commenting on the recent recognition that NATO bombed Serbia without the permission of the UN Security Council , the Serbian president said yesterday that it is reasonable to expect that Serbia should be back on her feet by and with a compensation made ​​for injustice.
Marking that the NATO bombing of Serbia 1999 was uncivilized method precedent " for ever , and for ages " , something which would shame even d barbarous nations from pre-Christian period , Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic in yesterday's speech on the occasion of the Day Of Army of Serbia at the central celebration in Uzice said he is reasonably expecting that Serbia should be back on her feet by and with a compensation made ​​by injustice of bombing by NATO. The reason for this Nikolic's statement is recent official recognition that NATO bombed Serbia without Security Council approval .
" The justification for the bombing of a sovereign state , a member of the UN , killing her children and the destruction of the wealth created by its citizens was found to prevent potential harm . Better to not invent any reason since it did not exist . Or is it better to acknowledge that the reason for the creation of the Albanian state on Serbian territory , "said Nikolic and wondered whether international courts do exist just to wash the conscience of those who do wrong
This Nikolic's statement is one of the harshest criticism of Serbian officials at the expense of NATO
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