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Schweigen in Europa, zur Festnahme des ICITAP Leiters James J.Tillman, der kriminelle Netzwerke aufbaute, rund um den US Justiz- Polizei Aufbau in Bosnien

Reine CIA Programme, wo man die dümmsten und korruptesten Gestalten überall rekrutiert, mit Gangster zusammen arbeitet wie in Albanien und dem Kosovo, um eine angebliche Polizei und Justiz aufzubauen. Die US ICITAP Programme, sind reine Rekrutierungs Aktionen, für verdeckte CIA Operationen, inklusive dem Drogen- und Waffen Schmuggel in Europa, bis zur Mongolei und in der Ukraine. Nur bei dem Leiter in Bosnien, wurde es zu peinlich und zog wie bei der Albaner Mafia mit Salih Berisha die Reiß Leine.

15 Jahre in Bosnien, Nichts funktioniert, aber Tillmann hatte eigene Prostitution Ringe in Bosnien wie Dynkorps und Haliburton, was ebenso schon Standard ist bei Söldner Truppen der Britten und Amerikaner und das vor 20 Jahren. Man kann den Kinder- und Frauen Handel gut organisieren, mit den selbst ausgebildeten Polizei Direktoren, welche die Schlüssel Positionen erhalten.

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U.S. Citizens Continue to Infiltrate Eastern European Governments


ICITAP first began providing the CIA with «official cover» to infiltrate foreign police agencies in 1990 when it began its first operations in Panama after the U.S. military invasion. These operations were then expanded to Rwanda, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Georgia, the Eastern Slavonia province of Croatia, Serbia, Armenia, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Macedonia, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Albania, Liberia, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, South Africa, and Iraq. ICITAP and CIA operations were closely linked in counter-narcotics/insurgency operations in Bolivia, Costa Rica, Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Belize, Haiti, and Panama.


Grey eminence of US diplomacy in Bosnia arrested

James J. Tillman arrested
According to Bosnian weekly newspaper `Slobodna Bosna` US diplomat and the Head of the International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program (ICITAP) in Bosnia and Herzegovina James J. Tillman has been arrested by the US authorities.
Tillman, who has been the Head of ICITAP in Bosnia for many years, is suspected for corruption. The American authorities suspect that he organized criminal group together with some local politicians and the officials from the police and security services.
Note: About ICITAP
The mission of the International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program (ICITAP) is to work with foreign governments to develop professional and transparent law enforcement institutions that protect human rights, combat corruption, and reduce the threat of transnational crime and terrorism. Situated in the Department of Justice’s Criminal Division, and funded primarily by the State Department, ICITAP provides international development assistance that supports both national security and foreign policy objectives.
Tillman has been working in Bosnia and Herzegovina for ten years. Many foreign diplomats, local politicians and officers from security services saw him as a key American man in this country who was more powerful even than the US ambassadors in Bosnia during this period.
None of local politicians reacted to this news.

In its Thursday edition the Sarajevo weekly said some of its sources claimed Tillman last week took off from Sarajevo airport followed by an FBI agent, and that on arrival in the US he was arrested on accusations of corruption.
However, it said other sources said that he was neither arrested nor removed from his position.
A third possibility, Slobodna Bosna reported, is that he was asked to come to the US to attend a hearing into an alleged sex-abuse case in which a Bosnian colleague accused him of sexual harassment. Other sources dismissed that possibility also, merely saying he was on vacation.
Tillman has worked for around 15 years in Bosnia and is informally considered in the police, intelligence and even judicial circles, as the most powerful and influential US diplomat.

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