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Demonstrationen gegen die korrupten EU und NATO Banditen in Moldawien und Montenegro

Demonstrationen gegen die EU Banditen, denn die einzige Politik ist: immer mit Kriminellen, vollkommen korrupten Gestalten, oft aus den Kreisen des Georg Soros, AEI und sonstigen dubiosen Politik Foundation des Verbrechens und Betruges.

Die Proteste gegen das kriminelle Construct der EU eingesetzten Verbrecher Regierung halten in Moldawien an

Proteste ohne Ende, gegen die EU eingesetzte Regierung, inklusive der KAS und Georg Soros Gangster, welche mit gefakten Diplomen den Staat uebernahmen, fuer die ueblichen Betrugs und Privatisierungs Gauerreichen der Bestechung.

Die Herrschaft der Oligarchen: Moldawien, ein feudaler, korrupter Staat kontrolliert von Kriminellen

Wenn die Dumm Gangster aus Berlin, der KAS, Brüssel auftauchen, konnte mit der Dezentralisierung, Privatisierung Nichts dabei herauskommen. Es wurden nur Oligarchen, Verbrecher Imperien im Kosovo, Moldawien, Albanien, Montenegro errichtet, und die EU und KfW Kredite verschwinden mit Hilfe der ordinärsten Dumm Gangster auch aus Deutschland im spurlosen Nichts. Israelische Gangster sind fast immer dabei, wie in Moldawien, Kosovo und lassen auch mal schnell 1 Milliarden € spurlos verschwinden.  
The Rule of the Oligarchs: Moldova, A Feudal and Corrupt State By Global Research News, August 15, 2015

Strahinja Bulajic against the NATO Mafia: ‘Protests Won’t Stop’ Until Montenegro PM Resigns

Bulajić novi član predsjedništva Demokratskog fronta
Leader Ship against a membership in the crime organisation: NATO
28 Sep 15
‘Protests Won’t Stop’ Until Montenegro PM Resigns
Montenegrin protesters plan daily protests until the prime minister steps down, as thousands attend Sunday’s anti-government rally in Podgorica.
Dusica Tomovic
People carried placards calling for Djukanovic to step down, while some waved Serbian and Montenegrin flags. | Photo by the Democratic Front.
Thousands of people gathered in front of the parliament building in Podgorica on Sunday at a mass rally against Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic’s administration, which they accuse of widespread corruption, undemocratic practices and election fraud.
Protest organisers the Democratic Front, an alliance of the main opposition parties, said peaceful protests would continue to be held daily at 6.30pm local time until Djukanovic resigned.
They are demanding the creation of an interim government to organise what they say would be Montenegro’s “first ever free and fair elections”.
“There is no destruction, no violence. Police officers will be with us for a few nights. This will happen in other towns in Montenegro,” said Andirja Mandic, leader of the pro-Serbian NOVA party.
“We wan’t power won on the street but in fair elections. Democratically and peacefully, we will win freedom. This fight has just begun,” he said.
Protesters in Podgorica | Photo:Twitter.
Anti-government protestors set up dozens of tents in a park opposite the parliament building for protesters to spend the night in until the next rally that is planned to take place on Monday.
‚We will stay at the plateau [outside the parliament] until our requirements are met. We do not accept blackmail and partial solutions,“ Strahinja Bulajic, one of the Democratic Front alliance leaders said.
Ahead of the rally, protesters poured into a one of the major squares in central Podgorica from other Montenegrin towns such as Niksic, Kolasin and Berane. Shouting anti-government slogans, most were waving Serbian flags.
Security was tight and barricades were set up around the parliament building amid fears the demonstration could turn violent. But the rally passed off peacefully, there had been no arrests or scuffles. 
Security was tight and barricades were set up around the parliament building in capital Podgorica | Photo: BIRN.
The opposition is also planning a series of anti-Djukanovic rallies across the country. He has been in power since 1991.
The current coalition government was formed after the 2012 elections. It comprises Djukanovic’s Democratic Party of Socialists, the Social Democratic Party, and three ethnic minority parties. The next general election is not due until spring next year…….
The 10th contingent of the Army of Montenegro seen off to Afghanistan Source: Portal Pobjeda, 1st  of September 2014 The 10th contingent of the Army of Montenegro (VCG) was seen off from the military airport in Golubovci to the ISAF mission in Afghanistan.
Chief of Staff of the VCG Admiral Dragan Samardžić said that the VCG’s involvement in Afghanistan has opened the doors to the most important achievement of strategic objectives, involvement in the NATO alliance: – I am sure that the messages from the Summit to be held this weekend in Wales to be more than positive for Montenegro. Members of VCG surely contributed the most in that regard, with the results achieved in terms of interoperability, cooperation with other armed forces, reforms that have been implemented, and primarily with high-quality execution of tasks in all peacekeeping missions, primarily in the most demanding mission in Afghanistan.<

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