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Irena Guzelova MI6 Agentin bei der NATO und EU, wollte nach dem Mord an Boris Trajkovski, auch Vojislav Koštunica ermorden

Todesschwadronen, Mord, Privatisierungs Banditentum, Bestechung ohne Ende, wofür die "Westliche Wertegemeinschaft" willige Vassallen benötigtigt. Wer nicht Befehle entgegen nimmt, wird aus dem Wege geräumt und ermordet, wo bezahlte Demonstrationen ebenso Standard ist. Den Präsidenten Boris Trajkovski hat man ermordet, Vojislav Koštunica, wollte man als Serbischen Ministerpräsident ebenso ermorden, wie abgehörte Telefonate zeigen.

Rückblick über die Morde im Balkan, was der CIA Offizier Robert Baer im Detail outete, wie Kriminelle und Anschläge mit vielen Millionen gekauft wurden um Hass zusehen. Die EU Zoran Zaev, Mord Fraktion mit einer Phantom Oppositions Partei, wo Alles von Georg Soros finanziert wird. Details, wie mit vielen Millionen $ Hass im Balkan gesäht wurde, auch durch Morde an Frauen und Kinder, ein Modell was in Syrien fortgesetzt wurde.

Kritisierte hart die EU und die NATO Staaten, mit ihren kriminellen Umtrieben in Mazedonien, mit den Kosovo Terroristen, was im Kumanova Massaker im Mai 2015 endete, wo US Pass Terroristen wie Beg Begaj, erschossen wurden.

2004: der Mazedonische Präsident Boris Trajkovski

Andreas Gross, Schweizer Mitglied des Europa Parlament, trug die Fakten nun vor, aus einer Untersuchung! Man hat Bänder erhalten, der Telefonate über Satellit, wie in 3 Sprachen NATO Miltiärs sich über den Abschuss beglückwünschten und auch keiner der Toden, hatte Kerosin Spuren, wie es bei einem Absturz üblich wäre.
In 2004, versuchten viele hoch kriminelle EU-US-NATO Politiker ihre Verbindungen zu Organisierten Kriminalität, Bin Laden, Islamischen Terroristen Gruppen zu vertuschen und schreckten auch nicht vor Mord zurück. Zeitgleich war der Höhepunkt im Visa Skandal, der Verbrecher Bande des Joschka Fischer, den ein Berliner Staatsanwalt, wie den AA Mafia Staatssekretär Chrobag, anklagen wollte.

Pancevski: Trajkovski had too much dirt on Western Politicians PDF Print E-mail

Wednesday, 22 February 2012
Two days ago Macedonian attorney Ignat Pancevski made shockwaves in the country by claiming there was mountain of evidence  to back up his statement that former president Boris Trajkovski was assassinated while flying over Bosnia along with his staff.

According to Pancevski, the primary reason for the assassination is Trajkovski had too much sensitive information  on Western politicians about their deeds in Kosovo back in 1999 during which Macedonia accepted hundreds of thousands of refugees.

"Trajkovski was heavily involved as a deputy foreign Minister in what was happening in and around Kosovo. I have been working on this case for a long time and found information that speak of massive corruption, money laundering and scandals involving very high ranking Western politicians and diplomats. Trajkovski had tried to use this information as a leverage, which in the end was costly. What precisely Trajkovski asked of them isn't known," says Pancevski.

Attorney Pancevski once again was adamant that Trajkovski was assassinated and there was plenty of undisputable evidence for this in Skopje.

While Pancevski came out with his shocking revelation, the Macedonian Government has started a procedure which involved drafting a new report which is a result of an 8 year long investigation.The report has made its way to the State prosecution office, however everything is being kept confidential.
MI6 Agent Irena Guzelova and the rest who work for the Umbrella
Friday, 29 April 2016

Irena Guzelova is an agent for the British MI6 which is part of the Umbrella that protects Zoran Zaev and Zoran Verushevski. Guzelova is under strict command of Anthony Leopold Colyer - Monckton. Remember this name well, it will be important in the next article.

Irena is a product of a marriage between Bogomil Guzel (the Director of Struga Poetry Evenings - 2006) and British Alexandra Rainsford.

Not long ago, Irena was inserted as a "journalist" in the Financial Times and later promoted to an EU spokesperson during Macedonia's conflict in 2001.

After proving her 'worth' she was recruited by MI6 to work against her country. Quick look at her FB profile shows the company she surrounds herself in - only Soros financed actvisits and journalists, the likes of Borjan Jovanovski.  The list below is of MI6 agents working for the Umbrella,obtained by hackers and sent to several Macedonian news outlets.


held on 18 December 2001
at the NATO Press Centre in Skopje

Statement by EU Spokesperson, Ms. Irena Guzelova:
Let me introduce myself, my name is Irena Guzelova, it is misspelled here. I am taking over from Clarisse, who is resuming her position as a political advisor. I am going to be working in the EU office here, with Alain Le Roy, and basically, you can still contact us for media questions but I will be taking over from Clarisse.
My statement is also very short, which is about the law on local self-government. Progress is being made to reach an agreement but we cannot give any guarantee that an agreement will be reached by the end of the week. The sticking points are still Health and Education and the issue at stake is the decentralization. There are still divergent views on the transfer of competencies. So, on Health and Education, the issue at stake is the extent of decentralization and there are still divergent views on the transfer of competencies in health and education to the local level. And all the relevant parties are continuing to discuss the issues and we, very much hope, that an agreement will be reached by the end of the week but we cannot guarantee anything. If an agreement is reached by the end of the week, then we hope that parliament will ratify it by the end of the year.
I can now pass on to my colleague.
Dnevnik: Guzelova's boss supervised attempt on Kostunica's life in 2002
Saturday, 30 April 2016
In an a new eye opening article, Skopje based Dnevnik published communication between the MI6 and the CIA in relation to an assassination attempt on Yugoslavia's president Vojislav Kostunica.
The information is even more interesting, because the head of the operation, MI6 Anthony Leopold Colyer is the current boss of Macedonian born quisling Irena Guzelova who media reported she is an MI6 agent.

Leopold Colyer is the MI6 chief of the Vienna office. This office is responsible with the recruitment of the coup executors, the two quislings Zoran Zaev and Zoran Verushevski.
Leopold Colyer used a fake identity and worked as an advisor to the British Embassy in Austria from 2011 to 2015 after which he retired as a "diplomat", but continued working for MI6 covering the Balkans and North Africa.

Zaev's communication with Verushevski revealed their plans for coup that would start with a fabricated wiretapped scandal. When Zaev postponed the release of the tapes with an explanation that the SDSM would decide when is the right time for it, nonsense, Zaev was simply awaiting instructions from Colyer in Vienna - reports Dnevnik.

The Skopje daily goes on to say "diplomat" Anthony Leopold was frequently visiting Pristina and Skopje begining of 2014. Coyler was concerned because the Macedonian police had pre-empted and prevented several terrorists acts on its territory. Colyer arrived in January 2014 in Skopje, which is the same month when the communication between Zaev and Verushevski begun.

Colyer and a regional CIA boss, nicknmaned by Dnevnik as Batman and Robin were involved in several sinister operations in the Balkans and Lybia, each aimed at destabilization and regime change.
The CIA regional boss was David Blake, covered the entire Balkan, while his cover was his 'official' role as the Director of USAid for the Balkans. 

Assasination Attempt on Kostunica

Here is one of their operations for "democratization" of Serbia.
MI6's Leopold Colyer visited Belgrade on October 5th when the NGO revolutioneries led by (assassinated to be) Zoran Gingic staged a coup against Slobodan Milosevic. By pure accident the MI6 agent was very close to Vadimir Popovic - Beba who was in charge for the safety of Zoran Gingic.

During this period, the American-British operatives were led by CIA's John Neighbor who covered the Balkans. Neighbor, after Gingic's murder was briefly arrested after his role was uncovered. David Blake came as Neighbor's replacement. Both of them today have complete control over Serbia's secret services: DB, DBK and VB.

Dnevnik reports, the two CIA officials and Colyer oversaw the assassination attempt on Vojislav Kostunica, in Saraevo on July 15th, 2002. British operatives conrolled the field operation. The codename of it was "Bandit". Kostunica, then the president of SRJ was suppose to be killed by a sniper, fortunately, it was unsuccessful.

Here is the conversation between the CIA and MI6 recorded right after the failed operation:

Colyer(MI6): I don't understand why the operation failed. We selected the best people for it.
Blake(CIA): Looks like the logistics failed. Simply, you can't trust muslims.
Colyer(MI6): Which of the Saraevo operatives were involved?
Blake(CIA): Our, trustworthy people.
Colyer(MI6): Did we have just one sniper, or was there a cover team?
Blake(CIA): There was just one. But our team from Zagreb should have covered him just in case. I don't know what went wrong.
Colyer(MI6): Who secured the target?
Blake(CIA): BIA was securing president Kostunica. But we followed Krga and Tomic. Prior to Paddy Ashdown's meeting with Stipe Mesic, Kostunica and the BiH presidency, we took care of the authorities at BIA.

This  is what a democracy operation looks like by the countries who specialize in exporting democracy to nations who they target to turn into their colonies - states Dnevnik.
The British and the American secret services work hand in hand in every single country that's currently undergoing a 'regime change'. This includes Europe, Asia, South America and Africa.

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