Montag, 25. Juli 2016

25 Jahre Justiz Desaster, und nun ein Neu Beginn in Albanien?

Die NATO finanzierte Presse jubelt Alles hoch, auch als Edi Rama die Wahlen in 2013 gewann, was laengst ein kriminelles Desaster ist.

Die Amerikaner erpressten diese Justiz Reform, mit der Drohung das Alle die nicht dafuer stimmen , auf die Schwarze Liste der Amerikaner kommen, mit Einreise Verbot in die USA.

Selbst bei dieser Verfassung Aenderung aendert sich Nichts, weil man nicht einmal ein juristische Ausbildung in Albanien hat, man kauft sich Diplome.
25 Jul 16

Justice Reforms Mark Radical Break With Albania’s Past
The reforms passed by parliament last Friday will radically change the way justice is administered in Albania, and hopefully curb corruption and political influence.
Fatjona Mejdini
Albanian Parliament after the judicial reform passing. Photo: LSA/Franc Zhurda 
Changing 46 articles of the constitution, the judicial reform package adopted by Albania’s parliament on Friday is one of the most radical changes in legislation that the country has seen in 25 years.
In September, parliament is expected to pass seven more organic laws that will open the way for these constitutional changes to be implemented. Others are expected to follow in the next months.
The Prime Minister, Edi Rama, hailing the reform passed on Friday, called it a tool that will draw “the black smoke out of the palace of injustice”.
The leader of the opposition Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, meanwhile deemed it a good omen “for independent justice that will keep the system out of government hands”.
In a nutshell, the reform aims to end the widespread corruption noted in a series of European Commission progress reports and in polls of the perceptions of Albanian citizens and diminish the influence of politics in justice institutions overall.

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