Montag, 4. Juli 2016

Rumänische Polizei findet 2,5 Tonnen Kokain in einem Container aus Süd Amerika

Record drug bust in Romania’s Constanta Port: 2.5 tons of cocaine found in container from South America
The Romanian Police have found 2.5 tons of cocaine in a container that was transiting Constanta Port on Wednesday, June 29. The container came from South America and the cocaine was supposed to reach the European market.
This is the biggest cocaine bust ever in Constanta Port. The estimated market value of the 2.5 tons of cocaine is EUR 625 million, according to estimates by the Romanian Police.
The police also arrested six people, all foreigners, who were involved in the shipment.
This drug bust comes after an investigation that took almost six months, which targeted an organized crime group that brought drugs from Columbia to Western Europe via Romania.
Some 150 Romanian policemen as well as people from other structures helped with the investigation. The US DEA and the Spanish Guardia Civil also supported the investigation.
A quarter of the seized cocaine was taken to the Directorate for Combating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) headquarters in Bucharest on Friday. It was loaded in 50 bags and loaded in three vans for the transport, according to Mediafax.
The Romanian Police have also released a film of the operation, which is available here.
Romanian Police confiscate more than 1,100 kg of drugs in 2015

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