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Rattenabteilung: EU Special Representative in BiH nun: Lars-Gunnar Wigemark

Miroslav Lajčák, war der ehrlichste EU Special Representative, der klar sagte, das die Position, der Apparat Unfug ist, man hatte vergessen von Beginn an, das man das Mandat begrenzt. Der grössten Abzocker: Schwarzschilling, W. Petrisch, Inzko, und rein kriminelle und korrupte Gestalten: vor allem Carl Bildt, wo in der Schwedischen Heimat sogar wegen Korruption ermittelt wird und der Britte: Paddy Ashdown
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11 Sep 2019 ... Bosnian authorities found two drug labs in Sarajevo and arrested two people, accusing them of ''the unauthorized production and sale of ... bosnia-andherzegovina-30618286
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1 Nov 2012 ... Organized crime and corruption flourished in Bosnia and Herzegovina not only because of the destabilizing effect of the war, but also due to the ...
Und Spesen ohne Ende, für die angeblichen Diplomatischen Ratten und Reisetourismus, Konferenzen zur Selbstdarstellung, der Pyschaten Klasse der Diplomatie, inklusive Foto Termine damit die Dümmsten sich wichtig fühlen

 EU Special Representative in BiH and the preliminary discussion regarding the the existing Reform Agenda

EU Special Representative in BiH and the preliminary discussion regarding the the existing Reform Agenda

List of High Representatives

# Officeholder Lifespan Term of office Country
1 Carl Bildt 2001-05-15.jpg Carl Bildt 1949– 14 December 1995 17 June 1997  Sweden
2 Carlos Westendorp.jpg Carlos Westendorp 1937– 18 June 1997 17 August 1999  Spain
3 Wolfgang Petritsch (Stimmen für Van der Bellen, Konzerthaus, 2016-05-16) 03.jpg Wolfgang Petritsch 1947– 18 August 1999 26 May 2002  Austria
4 ASHDOWN Paddy.jpg Paddy Ashdown 1941– 27 May 2002 31 January 2006  United Kingdom
5 Christian.Schwarz.Schilling.jpg Christian Schwarz-Schilling 1930– 1 February 2006 30 June 2007  Germany
6 M-Lajcak.jpg Miroslav Lajčák 1963– 1 July 2007 28 February 2009  Slovakia
7 Valtentin Inzko 2012 (6807273941).jpg Valentin Inzko 1949– 1 March 2009 Incumbent  Austria

On 4 July, Ambassador Lars-Gunnar Wigemark, the EU Special Representative in BiH organised a preliminary discussion in Sarajevo on the need to keep working on the existing Reform Agenda after the October election, too.The aim, apart from the obvious necessity in keeping up the positive work done so far, was to identify those areas that might need immediate attention by the next set of governments.

"The discussion was attended by representatives of major political parties, employers, unions and civil society; including economic experts", Sarajevo Times. The discussion was informed by contributions from the IMF, World Bank, IFC, EBRD, USA and EU.
Three years ago, with the practical support of the International Community, Bosnia and Herzegovina began focusing on strengthening the 'malfunctioned' socio-economic situation in the country, and thus embarked on a, rather "ambitious path of reforms".
Reforms that would improve the country's economic status and growth, they would help create jobs so that -especially- BiH's youth would not need to emigrate abroad in order to have a better future and the overall life of the citizens would get better.
It is too much to say that BiH people go through prosperous days, however, it would not be a lie to note that things have improved, even if -like in most such cases across the globe- through harsh measures and further belt tightening.
Sarajevo Times do underline that "many challenges still remain" and here they are: "BiH’s society is ageing rapidly, too many citizens are hurt and disheartened by widespread corruption, and young people are leaving the country in search of a better future. The rule of law remains weak and a bloated and inefficient public sector puts a heavy burden on a private sector that still provides too few opportunities—especially for the young. This analysis was shared by most participants during the discussion."
So, the July 4 discussion was actually an alarm bell for those who will win in the upcoming election in order to remember after their victory, that the country still goes through a very rough patch and they should roll up their sleeves as soon as the first post-election day comes and get down to serious work.... / IBNA

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