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Die Träume des Dumm Kommissars: Johannes Hahn: Preveso will nicht zum Mafia Staat Kosovo

von Gebiets Austausch schwafelt mal wieder Johannes Hahn, der korrupte und dumm Spiel Casino Mafiosi, der EU Kommissar schimpft. Aber niemand frägt die Einwohner, denn die sind nicht begeistert. In Serbien geht es den Albaners wesentlich besser als im Verbrecher Staat: Kosovo

Was hoch Kriminelle US Gestalten herum erzählen wie John McCain, Tom Bolton müssen die Dummen der EU Commission, oder in Auswärtigem Amte immer mitmachen und nachplappern

"Albanians from Medvedja don't want to join Kosovo"

Stavros Markos um SManalysis - vor 2 Tagen
[image: (Getty Images, file, illustration purposes)]SManalysis The Mayor of Medvedja, Nebojsa Arsic said he hadn't heard from the Albanian representatives there or anywhere else that they wanted to join Kosovo. SOURCE: VECERNJE NOVOSTI MONDAY, AUGUST 27, 2018 | 11:11 Medvedja is not a part of Presevo valley. The majority of municipality's population are Serbs. "There is no ethnic animosity here. There are no exclusively "Serbian" or "Albanian" restaurants, people spend time together, congratulate religious holidays to each other.... It is an example of a functioning multi-ethnic pl... mehr » 

US open to Kosovo border changes, Trump adviser says Skeptics, including Germany, fear a land swap could spark violence.

Stavros Markos um SManalysis - vor 4 Tagen
SManalysis By ANDREW GRAY 8/24/18, Politico The United States is open to an exchange of territory between Kosovo and Serbia as part of a deal to normalize relations between the two former wartime foes, U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton said Friday. The Trump administration’s position puts it at odds with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who last week stated her opposition to any changes to Balkan borders. Western powers have long rejected changes to borders in the Balkans, believing they would unleash demands from other nations for boundaries to be redrawn and could rei... mehr »

Kosovo, home to many ISIS recruits, is struggling to stamp out its homegrown terrorism problem

Stavros Markos um SManalysis - vor 4 Tagen
[image: Image result for kosovo islamist]SManalysis Free Media AP A.J. Naddaff Kosovo police officers escort suspects in a terrorist plot, to a court in Pristina, Kosovo, on July 12, 2015. (Visar Kryeziu/Associated Press)© Visar Kryeziu/AP Kosovo police officers escort suspects in a terrorist plot, to a court in Pristina, Kosovo, on July 12, 2015. (Visar Kryeziu/Associated Press) PRISTINA, Kosovo —For all of the attention paid to the emergence of homegrown Islamist terrorists in Belgium, France and other European countries, one of the continent’s biggest radicalization problems is ... mehr »

Open Borders between Kosovo and Albania from Jan. 1, 2019

August 12, 2018
Die EU und NATO Idioten werden nicht mehr gefragt, denn die Banden wollen nur abzocken auch mit hohen Reisespesen. Die Albaner Mafia will Freie Fahrt nicht nur in Europa, Pässe gibt es wie neue Identitäten für wenig Geld seit 25 Jahren und Steinmeier und Co. forcieren die kriminellen Netzwerke in Europa: Jeder Kriminelle aus Albanien […]

Ein einziges Chaos die EU Idioten in Internationalen Medien

The Reluctant West is Needed in the Balkans

With undemocratic powers hustling for influence in the Western Balkans, the region needs EU and US commitment – but Brussels and Washington seem reluctant to offer it wholeheartedly.


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  1. Former Casino Assistant Manager, PhD fraudster and current EU Enlargement Commissioner Johannes Hahn has a message for SDS leader Zoran Zaev: “No early elections, this is certainly not good, instead do what needs to be done in Parliament with the opposition”.

    This is a statement from one criminal to another, the only thing missing from Hahn was “or I will take care of business“.

    Hahn strongly suggested to Zaev in today’s climate his chances of winning elections are zero, considering the massive Referendum fiasco where huge majority of the Macedonian population strongly opposed Zaev (the exception being people who did the ballot stuffing). Instead, Hahn encouraged Zaev to seek ways to ‘convince’ 9-10 members of the opposition to switch sides.

    MINA finds, the 250,000 euros that were initially offered to MPs for a vote, have now gone up at least ten fold per MP. In fact, fake patriot and DPNE MP Ilija Dimovski pretty much confessed this in a FB post where he stated he will not vote for the agreement, adding rather nonchalantly the cash offered to MPs is now in the millions not the measly 250k as local media reported. Additional $50m at this point is certainly not a problem for Uncle Sam’s printing machine or for London.

    Columbia professor and Macedonian patriot Gorazd Rosoklija slammed Hahn’s criminal proposal in a FB post. “What sort of offer except a criminal one can you expect from a person who stole someone else’s Dissertation at the University of Vienna and then wrongly interpreted the results from the stolen work“.

    Rosoklija’s statement pretty much sums up the European Union and the imbecile that represents it, Johannes Hahn.

  2. Mazedonien: Gescheitertes Referendum wird von «euro-amerikanischer Führungselite» übergangen
    Stellungnahme der Redaktion der französischen EU-kritischen Monatszeitschrift «Ruptures», Paris