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Balkan Drogen Clans, hatten ein "Shot out" in Columbien

 Von Sokol Kocio, bis Darko Saric, die Chef der Drogen Clans sind eine Legende in der Welt, was mit Daut Kadrinosky schon begann, vor 30 Jahren.


Donnerstag, 17. September 2020

Marcos and Soldado: Colombian Shootout Sheds Light on Balkan Drug Ties

Illustration. BIRN/Igor Vujcic
October 22, 202008:13
BIRN pieces together a Serbian man’s final hours in the home of an alleged drug trafficker in Colombia, offering a rare glimpse into the deepening ties between Balkan drug gangs and the South American country.

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Stanimirovic did not die in a game of Russian roulette, as media reports first claimed.

In fact, it appears a drunken argument set in chain a confusing series of events in Colombia’s Meta department southeast of the capital Bogota on the night of March 31 this year, in which two police officers and an alleged drug trafficker also died.

Investigators say a number of key questions remain unanswered, but details pieced together by BIRN offer a rare glimpse into Balkan organised crime activity in the South American nation, a growing trend that the authorities are struggling to understand.

“I don’t think, given where it happened and the manner of his death, that he was a tourist,” said a high-ranking member of the Colombian National Police who spoke on condition of anonymity. “He wasn’t here doing ecotourism.”

The quiet ‘Marcos’

Dejan Stanimirovic. Photo: Colombian National Police

Stanimirovic, who grew up in Belgrade and ran a karate club in Spain, entered Colombia from Ecuador across the Rumichaca Bridge, sometime in the middle of March. This time, he was alone.

Investigators who spoke to BIRN said the Serbian citizen had visited the country before, possibly in January. He was known locally as ‘Marcos’. 

According to Colonel Gustavo Berdugo Garavito, commander of the Colombian National Police in Meta, Stanimirovic travelled 1,000 kilometres to the Meta town of Guamal and the home of Jose Vicente Rivera Mendoza, known as ‘Soldado’, or Soldier.

Rivera was an alleged drug trafficker in Meta, where the Andes meet the westernmost section of a vast belt of tropical savanna known as Los Llanos, The Plains. 

Situated between zones of coca production in the mountains and jungles of Colombia’s south and east and export points via Venezuela, Los Llanos are an expansive thoroughfare for narcotics and other contraband and long an area of activity for illegal armed groups..................

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