Sonntag, 16. Mai 2021

Geldwäsche Länder: Albanien und Griechenland



Das grösste Geldwäsche Land ist Deutschland in Europa

Foreign Office: Albania on the blacklist of Great Britain for money laundering
Stavri Marko, SManalysis – 2 days ago
SManalysis There is an activism of Great Britain, the former power, goes against the European Union for organized crime and drugs, labeling Albania as a country that is heading towards failure, while otherwise presented by Germany, they want to introduce it in Europe. Albania is listed by the UK government among the 21 countries with the highest risk of money laundering and terrorist financing. Albania is also part of a document submitted a few days ago to the British Parliament. The British government report states that since February 2020, when Albania made a high-level politi...

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