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Prince Paul-Philippe of Romania, in Malta festgenommen, weil er mit viel Bestechung in Rumänien, sich Immobilien aneignete

 Alles was der Westen im Balkan brachte, waren Betrüger, Hochstapler, und jede Staats Institutions oft von Fachleuten, wurde durch Georg Soros Idioten ersetzt, die nur Fake Diplome haben und hatten
Wanted Romanian Prince Detained at Maltese Resort
April 29, 202411:45
Police arrested the fugitive Prince Paul-Philippe of Romania, who has been trying to evade a jail sentence for corrupt activities in his home country, at a resort in Malta.

Prince Paul-Phillipe of Romania in Bucharest, September 30. Photo: Prince Paul of Romania/Facebook 

The Bucharest authorities will seek the extradition of Prince Paul-Philippe of Romania after he was apprehended by police on Sunday in Malta.

The fugitive royal was convicted in 2020 of corrupt activities related to the illegal restitution of expensive real estate near Bucharest, to which he falsely claimed ownership.

However, Prince Paul fled Romania before the final sentencing by the Brasov Court of Appeal.

In June 2022, he was apprehended on the street in Paris and presented a passport issued by the British authorities.

However, the Paris Court of Appeals this year refused to extradite him to Romania.

Romania’s Minister of Justice Alina Gorghiu explained that the Paris court ruled that the Romanian judging panel in the trial of Prince Paul was unlawfully composed.

Prince Paul argued in front of the Paris court that one of the judges who convicted him in Romania had not actually taken an oath of office.

On April 6 this year, the Romanian Justice Ministry representatives said that the French court had accepted this argument and refused to approve the extradition.

The fugitive royal said in a statement issued by his lawyers after the Paris ruling that he had received “what was denied me in Romania: a fair trial based on evidence and impartial application of the law”, Radio France International reported.

Prince Paul was convicted in December 2020 at the Brasov Court of Appeal of buying influence and complicity in the crime of abuse of office against the public interest. He was sentenced to three years and four months in prison.

The court found that between 2006 and 2013, he illegally claimed the right to land, including the Snagov Forest and the Baneasa Royal Farm, an upmarket area near Bucharest, to which he had no right of ownership.

The cost to the state amounted to 145 million euros – 135 million euros for the royal farmlands and 10 million euros for the forest.

Although he is known as Prince Paul or Prince Paul-Philippe of Romania, he is not recognised as a member of the House of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen nor the Royal House of Romania. He is also known as Paul-Philippe Hohenzollern.

He is the grandson of King Carol II of Romania, who ruled between 1930 and 1940, and the son of Mircea Grigore Carol Lambrino, also known as Mircea Grigore Carol Hohenzollern, and his first wife, Helene Henriette Naravitzine.

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