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Die US Mafia, mit ihren CIA Killer Schwadronen, wollen die "Bondsteel Anlage" im Kosovo schliessen

US ‘Winding Down’ Bondsteel Base in Kosovo
The large military base in southern Kosovo faces reduction or closure as strategic attention shifts from the Balkans, US ambassador Christopher Dell tells Jane’s.
Lawrence Marzouk

In an interview with Jane's Intelligence Review, ambassador Dell said it was a “myth” that Bondsteel was developed to project US power in the region. It was, in fact, a financial millstone, he said.
As part of the shift in strategic emphasis, US military assets stationed in the region will be drawn down, according to the interview.
Dell is quoted as saying said: “It [Bondsteel] is a huge liability, a very expensive property, and we have no desire to maintain it any longer than is absolutely necessary for the support of our presence here... we can even talk about continuing the US role here without Camp Bondsteel.”


Monday, March 28, 2011

Kosovo's mafia

GlobalPost has three articles (How the US and allies ignore organized crime at the highest levels of a new democracy, Assassinations and intimidation and A hotbed of human trafficking) on organized crime in Kosovo.

In the articles are links to two external sources: one is a NATO/KFOR presentation on organized crime in Kosovo. Instead of a pdf they use their own type of presentation software that tends to stop after a couple of slides. What I have seen (the first 12) are maps of Kosovo with names of local mobsters and their gangs. In a NATO report from 2004 close associates of Thaci are extensively described.

38 Graphik Darstellungen, der OK im Kosovo

geklaute Luxus Autos in Albanien, welche im Tausender Paket, mit gefälschten Kennzeichen herumfahren, bis zur absoluten Prominenz der Mafia Bosse und Parteien Financiers.

Balkan extraction - Christopher Dell, US ambassador to Pristina, INTERVIEW

The US has long been a staunch advocate of Kosovo's independence from Serbia, from spearheading NATO's bombardment of Belgrade in 1999 to hands-on involvement in preparations for Pristina's 17 February 2008 unilateral declaration of independence.

Christopher W Dell, United States ambassador to Pristina, told Jane's overall US policy direction will not change, but it is drawing down its presence as Kosovo progresses towards European Union accession.
The complete article appears in the following publication:
Publication Title Jane's Intelligence Review
Publication date Mar 15, 2011


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