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78 Albanische Murder, werden allein in England gesucht

Eines des wenigen Albanischen Export Gueter. Drogen, Sex Sklavinnen und Moerder!

Thursday, May 19, 2011


78 Albanian killers on
the loose in Britain

EXCLUSIVE by Anthony France
A HUNDRED Albanian criminals - 78 of them MURDERERS - are being hunted in Britain.
The fugitives also include rapists, drug traffickers and robbers.
Many have lived in the UK for years, committing more crimes under false names.
Some were even given British passports after fleeing their homeland.
The killers are being hunted by Scotland Yard's Extradition Unit so they can be kicked out of the country.
Two detectives from the unit have collected a dossier on the men from cops in the Albanian capital Tirana.
One fugitive is boss of an international gang. Another shot dead his victim with a sub-machine gun soon after being freed from jail.
Other killers on the run here include a security guard who shot a colleague, and a gunman who blasted a farmer in a row over animals blocking a road.
Det Sgt Mel Humphreys, of the Extradition Unit, pledged: "These people will spend their lives looking over their shoulders."
Pellumb Seferi, head of Interpol in Albania, said of the 100 fugitives: "The majority are very dangerous.
"We have to work hard with our colleagues in London to send these criminals back to Albania to face justice."
The Yard has already had success. Gun killer Marash Gjoka, 48, was found in Catford, South East London, after 11 years on the run.
He has been extradited to Albania where he faces 20 years in jail.
Lulzim Hoxhaj, 44, who sneaked into Britain in 1999 after killing a man and wounding two others in a hail of machine-gun fire, was tracked to Newcastle. He has been extradited.
The Extradition Unit features in Cutting Edge - Hunting Britain's Most Wanted, on Channel 4 at 9pm tonight.

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    The price for killing in albania: 10-15.000 Euro

    10-15.000 Euro, werden im Null Staat: Albanien fuer die Auftrags Killer bezahlt

    Vrasësit me pagesë, 10 -15 mijë euro për të eliminuar një person
    Profesionistët i shpëtojnë drejtësisë, vrasësit adoleshentë në “rrjetën” e policisë

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    1. Well done! It's a good idea to fill the magazine with the theme of the moooost dangerous killers, the albanians, there are no other criminals! Just focus on them, maybe they are also responsible for every break in or they shot on Kennedy? keep your eyes open, there are everywhere a lot of albanians, and they are so dangerous. They will kill everyone of you!