Dienstag, 30. August 2011

Mafia Organisation: Albanian Study Centre against Terrorism and Organised Crime

Die Leitung des Albanian Study Centre against Terrorism and Organised Crime, hat gegen Geld, gefälschte Geheimdienst, Diplomaten Pässe Verkauf, wo Etliche auch verhaftet wurden u.a. wegen Drogen schmuggel. Vor allem besorgte man der Albaner Mafia sogar die neuen Biometrischen Pässe, wo man mit einem Polizei Offizier, leicht die Geburtsdaten änderte und nun mit neuen Namen, Geburtsdatum, Geburtsort praktisch dann nicht mehr im Interpol Computer erfasst war. Es gab Verhaftungen, darunter der IT Chef, für die biometrischen Pässe in Korce.
Fast alle NGO’s sind im speziell im Kosovo und Albanien von der Mafia übernommen worden, wie auch Sport und Kultur Vereine. Selbst der Präsident des Albanischen Kultur Vereines, wurde schon wegen Drogen schmuggels in Italien verhaftet und Etliche Diplomaten sowieso. Studie über die OK!

Albanian NGO under fire
A Tirana-based NGO dealing with counter-terrorism and organised crime is sued for criminal activities.
By Linda Karadaku for Southeast European Times in Tirana -- 30/08/11
photoAlbania's Interior Ministry takes an NGO to court for alleged illegal activities. [Ana Pekmezi/SETimes]
The Interior Ministry has filed a civil lawsuit seeking the disbanding of the Albanian Study Centre against Terrorism and Organised Crime for alleged unconstitutional conduct and illegal activities.
"This organisation has practically operated as a private investigative police by applying methods characteristic of the state. With such actions, the fundamental constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens have been violated. Many actions of this organisation can be conducted only with the approval of the court, or other state structures," Deputy Interior Minister Avenir Peka told SETimes.
He added that the state police found "many persons with criminal records or that have been involved in criminal activities; members of the centre having ID cards, and other documents that could be misleading for the citizens".
While the Tirana Court has yet to rule on the ministry's claim, the state police have launched proceedings involving embezzlement charges against the centre, and for using its title. Imitation or copying state police emblems, images and titles, or other state institutions is considered a criminal offence.
Maksim Ferra, a former employee of the State Information Service, told SETimes that the ministry's charges are "ridiculous" and "nonsensical".
"In the last five years, we did not receive any kind of denunciation or complaint from the citizens, state police authorities, or the Interior Ministry over the work of this centre," Ferra says.
"ID membership cards have no title appropriation of the state police, but have the emblem of the Albanian Study Centre for the Fight against Terrorism and Organised Crime in Albanian and English, member data, his/her personal code recorded in the centre, and person's position under the registration board," he told SETimes.
Ferra added that ID cards indicate that the NGO members have no immunity and, in this case, one's actions are the responsibility of the individual.
Albanian analyst Genc Mlloja told SETimes that issuing membership cards to the wrong people -- especially for an NGO dealing with security issues -- is a matter of some concern.
"It represents a danger, of course, because NGOs are active in different fields and it should envisage to what point this danger goes. There should be criteria for issuing membership cards, enforced by law," Mlloja told SETimes.
He says that NGOs must be subject to the rule of law. "It becomes even more important having in mind that Albania is a NATO member, trying to become an EU member. In this case, such issues are not only a concern for Albania, but also for the ally countries," Mlloja told SETimes.


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