Mittwoch, 10. August 2011

Wegen Verkaufs von NATO Geheimnissen, schränkt die NATO den Zugang zu "secret" Informationen für Albanien ein

Kurz gesagt, weigert sich sogar die Mafia Regierung in Tirana, die Amtszeit des Ilir Meta, als Aussenminister und die Weitergabe der Dokumetne an Serben, Islamische Staaten und Russland zu untersuchen.

10.8.2011: NATO schränkt den Geheimniss Zugang für die Mafia Regierung in Tirana ein - Sekreti, NATO rrit vëzhgimin ndaj Shqipërisë

NATO increased the surveillance for Albania

NATO restricted to Albania the access to classified information about nuclear issues. In the last parliamentary session, approved an initiative in which ratified the "Protocol amending the annex security agreement between the parties to the North Atlantic Treaty on cooperation for nuclear information."
Change of this protocol provides more supervision for Albania regarding the way of preserving the documents.

Also, in this agreement are changed the rules about receiving classified information. According to experts of the Ministry of Defense and the Department of Security of Classified Information, all data and confidential information on atomic matters must first be filtered by the headquarters of NATO.

Moreover, the inspection of NATO in Albania which would be conducted once a year, as was previously determined, now it left open the possibility to be realized at any time, writes the daily newspaper "Shqip".

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