Samstag, 20. Oktober 2012

Salih Berisha, will der neue Albanische Faschisten Leader sein

Mit seiner kriminellen Idioten Regierung kann er keine Wahlen gewinnen, also versucht der Profi Kriminelle Salih Berisha und seine Idioten Regierung sich in Faschismus.

Greater Albania envisions Sali Berisha: "To unite wherever we are"

Greek strategist of  Deference Net, are seeing the Albanian Prime Minister as leader of the Albanian nationalism
Statements which can be characterized as irredentist in weight and Greek territories did the Prime Minister of Albania Sali Berisha told a cabinet meeting. Albanian Prime Minister spoke of "national need reunification" of Albanians everywhere even stressing that this is an irreversible process saying that it should be done in honor of Albanian heroes who sacrificed for this purpose."To unite with each other, to unite with Europe," Berisha said, expressing his gratitude for the hospitality given to him during his visit to Kosovo, adding that they should do "everything in order and Albania Kosovo to be together in Europe. "

"Their dream waiting to come true and we must do everything so that the Albanians feel good and not feel anywhere orphans and cut off from the rest of the country, and then represent the ethnic, geographical and an ethnic majority.It is extremely important that the reunification of the nation's energy needs to focus on large values, so the motto is to unite with each other, to unite with Europe and I hope that with this slogan Albanians wherever they can build splendid future they deserve, "said Berisha.

He added that "it is true that they are scattered in the states, but it can not prevent them from doing their best to experience the sense of national reunification." "You should not feel alone and abandoned anywhere they live," said the Prime Minister of Albania.At full development, the project of a Greater AlbaniaThese statements by the mouth of the Albanian Prime Minister anything but innocent can be characterized as the recently observed high mobility of Albanian side as the theme of "Cham" and "property" in Greece clearly put on the table by Albanian Foreign Minister in the heart of Athens.In Skopje, the atmosphere smells gunpowder with alvanoskopianous want to gain the upper hand recall that Albanians in Skopje constitute 50% of the population of the country at the same time threatening withdrawal from the coalition government is not even many people who think the solution as dismemberment of Skopje and the accession of a considerable part in Albania.At the same time there is strong pressure from the international community for partition of Kosovo, which will bring many reactions from the Albanian side, not only because such a development would open the "bag of Aeolus" in the Balkans.Equally important is the strengthening of the Albanian community in Montenegro and it became clear in recent elections where two Albanian MPs were elected while only five remained "on the outside" and one third. All these cause intense debate and concern since it seems the project of a Greater Albania is in full swing.

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