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Zeugen Aussagen im Karadic Prozess: Izetbegovic, war der Kriegs Treiber

Naser Oric, ein Massen Mörder der wahllos in Bosnien Serbische Dörfer überfiel und die Bauern nieder metzelte ist nur ein Beispiel.  Izetbegovic, war der Kriegs Treiber, was jeder damals wusste und historische Geschichte ist. Man schreckte vor Massen Mord nicht zurück, weil wie ebenso UN Militär Beobachter aussagten wie Branca, das Srebrenica ein Hoax war und provoziert wurde um ein Eingreifen der NATO zuerreichen. Ebenso der Granaten Anschlag auf den Markt von Sarejewo, der das dann auslöste, war ein gezielter Mord durch Islamisch Bosnische Gruppen, wie ebenso klare Aussagen dem ITCY vorliegen. Die Terroristen hat Bill Clinton in den Balkan gebracht, mit der alten Verbindung, der Iran Contra Affäre.

March 31, 1999

March 31, 1999
The Kosovo Liberation Army: Does Clinton Policy Support Group with Terror, Drug Ties?
From ‘Terrorists’ to ‘Partners’

Izebegovic und seine Auftragskiller!

that the second explosion at Markale open market in August 1995 was caused by a .

15 Feb 13
Karadzic ‘Never Wanted to Expel Bosniaks and Croats’

A defence witness at Radovan Karadzic’s Hague trial said the Bosnian Serb leader wanted “political and cultural” separation but not physical deportations.
Denis Dzidic

Testifying in Karadzic’s defence, former Bosnian deputy interior minister Vitomir Zepinic said that, on the eve of the 1992-95 war, Karadzic advocated the separation of Serbs from Bosniaks and Croats.

But Zepinic said that he never thought that Karadzic was advocating the deportation of Bosniaks and Croats. He said that, knowing Karadzic’s personality, he did not believe that the Bosnian Serb leader wanted forced expulsions.

Zepinic said that while working as deputy interior minister, he had multiple problems with the late Alija Izetbegovic, then Bosnia’s leader, who was surrounded by “extreme nationalists”.

According to the witness, because of his presidential role, Izetbegovic held “the biggest responsibility” for the breakout of the war.

Karadzic is being tried for persecuting Bosniaks and Croats as part of a joint criminal enterprise aimed at forcibly and permanently removing them from territories claimed by Bosnian Serb leaders. He is charged with genocide, crimes against humanity and violation of the laws and customs of war.

According to Zepinic, Karadzic had nothing to do with the arrival of paramilitary units led by Zeljko Raznatovic, the notorious Serb fighter known as Arkan, in the north-eastern Bosnian town of Bijeljina in late March 1992, or the war crimes that were then committed in that area.

While being cross-examined by prosecutor Alan Tieger, Zepinic said that he objected to the division of the Bosnian interior ministry on ethnic grounds, which was advocated by Karadzic and other Bosnian Serb political leaders.

“The division of the police on ethnic grounds was a barrel of gunpowder or a trigger for the war in my country,” Zepinic said.

At his Hague trial this week, Karadzic also called witnesses who denied that Bosnian Serb forces forcibly detained the non-Serb population in improvised detention camps and abused them before committing mass deportations from Rogatica in eastern Bosnia and the Sarajevo suburb of Hadzici.

Vidomir Banduka, a former municipal official in Hadzici, said that Bosniaks left his area in May 1992 and that their departure was followed by “an attack by Muslim forces”. He added that Bosnian Serb territorial defence troops had only one goal – “to defend their houses and families”.

According to his testimony, hundreds of Bosniak civilians voluntarily came to the local sports centre in Hadzici in order to be “protected”.

Karadzic’s trial will resume on Monday.

‘Bosnian Book of the Dead’ Published A Bosnian research group has issued a book with the names of around 96,000 victims of the 1990s conflict, intended to be the most accurate memorial yet published.

Godfather of the Bosnia Mafia and Security Minister: Fahrudin Radončić and his Partner Mafia Boss: Naser Kelmendi

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  1. Wolfgang Petritsch, eine peinliche Note aus der EU Politik. Nur noch peinlich, solche Leute.

    In 2014: Die Amerikaner wussten natürlich ganz genau, das nur die Bosnischen Terroristen die UN Truppen angriffen.

    27 Aug 14
    Karadzic Requests US General’s ‘Muslim Attack’ Evidence

    Former Bosnian Serb president Radovan Karadzic has asked the Hague Tribunal to accept new evidence from a US Army cable alleging that only Bosniak troops attacked UN peacekeepers.
    Denis Dzidic
    Radovan Karadzic in court.

    Karadzic filed a motion to the UN-backed court on Wednesday asking it to reopen the evidence presentation process in his trial to include the US Army cable which he believes will aid his defence by showing Bosniaks were the aggressors.

    Karadzic’s motion said that the cable from US Brigadier General James Jones in 1993 alleges that “Muslims were responsible” for all casualties among UNPROFOR (UN peacekeeping troops) in Bosnia.

    “This piece of evidence is relevant for the defence, because it shows that Bosnian Muslims are responsible for sniper and shelling incidents, which are described in the indictment. This document fits into the defence’s strategy, because it offers evidence by an independent third party, which confirms the [defence] witnesses’ allegations,” the motion said.

    The presentation of evidence in Karadzic’s trial has already ended and closing statements are scheduled for the end of September.

    Also on Wednesday, the Hague prosecution asked the Tribunal to allow it to reopen its evidence presentation process in Bosnian Serb military chief Ratko Mladic’s trial, so it can present the judges with forensic evidence from a mass grave at Tomasica near Prijedor, which was discovered last year.

    The prosecutors said they wanted to introduce evidence about the 275 whole bodies and and more than 100 body parts found in the mass grave.

    “These new pieces of evidence are very relevant for the accusations related to a joint criminal enterprise aimed at removing the non-Serb population from municipalities under Serb control by committing crimes and genocide,” the prosecution’s motion alleged.

    “These pieces of evidence confirm the [Bosnian Serb Army’s] important role in murders, burial and concealing of murders of non-Serb civilians in Prijedor,” it said.

    The prosecution has already finished setting out its case in Mladic’s trial, and the presentation of defence evidence is currently underway.

    Mladic and Karadzic are on trial in separate cases for genocide in Srebrenica and seven other towns, the persecution of non-Serbs, terrorising the population of Sarajevo and taking UN peacekeepers hostage.