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Der Extrem Wahhabism Islam, ist auf dem Vormarsch auch im Kosovo

Mindestends 30 Kosovo Extremisten sind auch in Syrien, beim Morden der Islam Terroristen, gegen die Zivil Bevölkerung aktiv, wobe 4 Albaner bereits von den Syrieren erschossen wurden. Ein andere Langzeit Verbrecher des Balkans, wurde als UN Mitarbeiter von einem Kosovaren erschossen: Anton Stanaj, u.a. VW General Vertreter in Montenegro und Partner des Drogen Bosses: Darko Saric. Anton Stanaj hat auch mit den Lokoil Tankstellen, über 30 Firmen in Montenegro, und war wohl mit so vielen Firmen nicht ausgelastet und suchte neue Vertriebe Wege für seine Mafia Geschäfte mit Hilfe der UN. Kosovo Continues Fight Against Wahhabi InfiltrationKosovo Continues Fight Against Wahhabi Infiltration
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The Weekly Standard ^ | March 19, 2012 | Stephen Schwartz
The great majority of Kosovar Albanians take pride in their reputation as the most pro-American Muslims in the world. Their Sunni Islam is conventional and moderate, and spiritual Sufism is a powerful force among the believers. Since 2009, however, a serious effort has been visible in the Balkan republic to turn Kosovar Islam in the direction of Wahhabism, the ultrafundamentalist sect that inspires al Qaeda. The meddling is coming mainly from neighboring Macedonia, where Albanians and Muslims are recognized officially as minorities, and the Islamic clerical apparatus has come under Arab control. Kosovo defines itself constitutionally as a secular state,... Wenn die NATO Kultur und Demokratie bringt, Allen voran der durchgeknallte Joschka Fischer und die SPD Abzocker und Bestechungs Zirkel, kommt halt sowas heraus! Neben Mördern, Terroristen, kompletten Voll Idioten laufen dann noch in Europa, solche Imane, oft selbst ernannt und selbst ohne Schule und Bildung. Er sagt auch noch im Video, das Frauen ohne Moral sind, wobei Aids, Bordelle, Kinder Handel vor Ankunft der NATO dort unbekannt waren. Vielleicht kann die Bundeswehr, welche ja dort viele Jahre stationiert ist und war, Auskunft geben, zu solchen Leuten. Der bekannte Iman der Moschee Suzi Zerrini, sagt das Frauen Huren sind, denn 92,5 % haben vor der Ehe Geschlechts Verkehr Skandali, hoxha i Prizrenit: Femrat shqiptare janë k*rva /video/ Publikuar më 03.06.2013 | 20:37 Hoxhë Irfan Salihu është një prej hoxhallarëve më të famshëm dhe të klikuar në rrjetet sociale për shkak të fjalimeve të tij mbi moralin. Një prej ligjëratave të fundit, që është publikuar në youtube, ai flet mbi imoralitetin e femrave shqiptare. Ai thotë se 92.5 % e gjimnazisteve në Shqipëri kanë të dashur, dhe në këtë menyrë po ndihkohen edhe gjimnazistet e Kosovës. Hoxhë Irfan Salihu, aktualisht jeton dhe vepron në qytetin e Prizrenit, si Imam në xhaminë Suzi Zerrini. Portali Express, publikon videon që ka shkaktuar reagime të femrave kosovare dhe shqiptare në rrjetet sociale. M. Bozinovich Blog Saturday, June 8, 2013
Kosovo Albanian Muslim Jihadists on organ safari in Syria? April 27, 2013 – 4:22 amLast year we got the news that CIA has gotten their Albanian Muslims in Kosovo to train the terrorists of the so-called “Free Syrian Army” and quickly after we heard that Albanian Muslims are volunteering for Jihad to Syria. Now that reports are surfacing that the “Free Syrian Army” is engaged in a human organ trade, coincidentally or not, it appears that the Albanian Muslims are on human organ safari in Syria, a commercial activity they pioneered in Kosovo by abducting Christian Serbs and yanking out their body parts. “Free Syrian Army members are trafficking in the body organs of Syrian civilians and army soldiers after kidnapping and murdering them, according to a report in the Turkish paper Yurt,” reports Examiner. “[M]ost of the Syrians abducted by the armed groups are subsequently ‘killed, and then gunmen trade in their corpses through removing their kidneys, eyes and liver.’” says the report. Another report says that a human corpse sells for $600 while a live human fetches $1,000, a slight premium because, presumably, his body parts haven’t degraded yet and it takes less effort to have his body shipped because he can move on his own versus a corps which has to be carried. All of this, of course, sounds familiar to those aware of Albanian Muslim activities in Kosovo by the so-called “Kosovo Liberation Army” whose members, like the “Free Syrian Army” were supported by the US and had clandestine contacts with the CIA. Both armies are engaging in the profitable organ trade via kidnapping, violence and alleged claims of political freedom. An investigation in the Kosovo Albanian organ trading is allegedly going to end next year, a convenient date for the EU diplomats because by than Serbia will be on path to EU membership and could be forced to drop charges against Albanian Muslims as part of the
of becoming an actual EU member.One surmises that the outcome of the Albanian organ trade in Kosovo may serve as a template for the same in Syria, a situation reminiscent of comments Bush the Dumb made in 2008 when he recognized Kosovo, that the history will prove US right on Kosovo. Meanwhile, Albanian
says that 40 known Albanian Muslims have joined the Syrian Jihad of which several have already died and are buried there. Jihad recruitment, as in the US, is done in mosques where prayers include mass murder of infidel as a path to Islamic holiness.

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