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Bergab mit der Balkan Bildung, mit Facebook und Video Spielen

Selbst Minister warnen, das Kinder max. 30 Minuten am Computer sitzen sollen, aber die Internet Shops sind voll von Studenten und Kindern, welche nur Video Spiele spielen, oder noch schlimmer: Staatsangestellte und Studenten sind nur noch mit facebook unterwegs und kennen Nichts anderes
2 Sep 13
Video Games Turn Real in Wilds of Banat
Fans of popular video games and extreme sports enjoy the Indiana Jones-style adventures on offer only an hour’s drive from Belgrade.
Nemanja Cabric
Strikeball resembles Counter stike campaigns | Courtesy of Avantura Servis
PC game lovers may well find the thematic adventures that take place in southern Banat amazingly similar to such first-person shooter video games as Counter-Strike or Call of Duty.
The only difference is that here they become reality.
The company organising these adventures, Avantura Servis, which started in 2007, offers combinations of strikeball (similar to paintball), tracking, rafting and extreme sports, built into several different scenarios.
Those taking part in the adventures in the Banat, an hour’s drive east from Belgrade, enjoy acting out assignments in places that resemble maps of popular FPS games.
“I firstly took part in a terrorist scenario,” recalled 25-year-old Sasa Kindjic, from Belgrade. “But I liked the treasure hunt better because it was more colourful than the war scenario.”
As team leader, Sasa led a group of friends to the hidden treasure following tracks and clues.
Her scenario, which took place near the town of Bela Crkva, “was a great day trip”, she said.
“We went rafting, tracking, and ate tasty food – some kind of wild game paté as well as fish soup.”
Although she never considered herself sporty and even thought herself clumsy, she turned out to be a great strikeball player.
“The adrenaline surge hit me hard, so I enjoyed it a lot,” she said. “I’d love to try the other stuff on offer, such as jeep rides across Deliblatska sands, as well as the two-day camps,” she said.
The end of treasure hunt | Courtesy of Avantura Servis
She said it was only while taking part in the Indiana Jones-style treasure hunt that she realised how adventurous she really was.
“I was team leader. We changed clothes in one tunnel and the first assignment was to find a river,” she recalled.
“I followed the tracks to the boat, but my team got lost, so the organisers had to find them and bring them back,” she recalled.
“Then, disembarking from the boat, our guide fell into the water and I only saved myself by holding onto to some plants that turned out to be nettles, which stung like hell,” she added.
“The second task was to find an old base, where the weapons and refreshments were concealed.
“From that point on, we were in a danger zone and had to watch out for the people guarding the treasure.
“At one point, we passed through a field of sunflowers and tall grass looking for our enemies, which was an amazing feeling. When we found them, they killed us all.”
Sasa was hit into the temple, but, luckily, the ammo used in strikeball hurts less than in paintball so she only got a black eye, and continued the mission.
Strikeball differs from paintball in that players who get shot do not need to leave the game, but wait at a spot for a medic to “cure” them so they can continue.
“We were all cured, and I found the treasure hidden under some bridge,” she concluded.
Range of adventures:
Target shooting training | Courtesy of Avantura Servis
The adventures in southern Banat take place in the vicinity of the Deliblatska pescara [sands] and the towns of Vrsac and Bela Crkva. There are several scenarios in the games, depending on the type of the adventure looked for.
Games last for several hours and take place both indoors and outdoors, improvising with abandoned infrastructure such as houses or railway lines, or natural venues such as forests or river streams.
Organiser Stevo Pavlovic, says his company organises several authentic scenarios: a treasure hunt in Indiana-Jones style; a spy scenario with a secret assignment; cowboys and a military scenario. The idea is for the missions to resemble FPS games such as Counter-Strike, Call of Duty and Battlefield....

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  1. Das ist wirklich ein ernsthaftes Problem.

    Die Koreaner haben mittlerweile den passenden Ausdruck "digitale Demenz" geprägt. Das Gehirn wird nicht nur manipuliert, sondern nachweislich auch abgestumpft.
    Der anerkannte deutsche Hirnforscher Manfred Spitzer hat diesen Begriff in seinem gleichnamigen Buch "Digitale Demenz" aufgegriffen und schildert darin eindrucksvoll, wie schädlich der Mißbrauch dieses Mediums ist.

    In Bezug auf Kriegsspiele kann man sagen, dass diese nur wenige zu Mördern machen, aber alle, die solche Spiele oft und ernsthaft spielen, in ihrer Wahrnehmung abstumpfen, was auf gut deutsch verblöden heißt.