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Zum ersten Mal schützt Montenegro bedrohte Journalisten

28 Feb 14
Montenegro Gives Journalist Police Protection
Tufik Softic, a reporter for Vijesti in the town of Berane, has been placed under police protection after the National Security Agency estimated he was not safe.
Dusica Tomovic
Podgorica Interior Minister Rasko Konjevic confirmed that Softic, a local correspondent for the daily newspaper Vijesti in the town of Berane, has obtained police protection, which will be formalized at the next government session. It comes after the National Security Agency estimated that he is not safe.
After meeting police officials in Podgorica on Thursday, Softic said: "I feel safer and more comfortable because I got security, but I am aware that I will lose some privacy."
Softic was the victim of a several attacks in his home town of Berane in the past years. The assailants were not found.
On August 11, 2013, an explosive device was detonated in front of the his home. He was at home at the time. Two hooded assailants attacked him outside his home in 2007.
International media watchdogs have urged Montenegro to clamp down on attacks on journalists and do more to bring those behind such assaults to book.

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