Donnerstag, 2. Oktober 2014

Die Austria Firma OMV - MOL verliert ihre Oel Felder in Syrien an die ISIS Terroristen

OMV-MOL ist ein Langzeit Bestechungs und Betrugs Trip durch das Oel Geschaeft, wo man eine Legende schuf, als man auch noch den Kroatischen Praesidenten Ivo Sanander bestochen hatte.
Nun verliert man auch die Oel Felder in Syrien. Bei NABUCCO hat die OMV auch Millionen verloren.

Die OMV Bestechungs Geschäfte über die Tochter Firma MOL in Ungarn in Kroatien
02 Oct 14
Islamist Fighters Seize Croatian Oil Field in Syria
Two oil and gas fields in Syria owned by the Croatian energy company INA have been occupied by Islamic State fighters.
Sven Milekic
Headquarters of Croatian energy company INA. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Croatian media reports say that two oil and gas fields owned by INA, 250 kilometres from Damascus in Syria, have been occupied by Islamic State fighters.
The two fields, Mazrur and Jazal, are a part of a 4,500-square-kilometre oil-gas bloc that had been under the management of the Syrian state company Hayan Petroleum Company.
Apparently, INA’s four other fields in Syria are still under control of Hayan Petroleum.
INA stopped exploiting oil and gas from these fields in 2012 in deference to EU sanctions imposed on Syria. However, they have remained in INA's ownership.
INA has stated that the company intends to return to Syria once the fighting stops and sanctions are lifted, which is no nowhere in sight.
The company bought the bloc of six oil and gas fields in 1998, while the Jazal field was discovered in 2006 and Mazrur in 2008.
While INA controlled all the fields, it was drawing 350,000 barrels of oil from them daily. It has also invested around 800 million euro in them in equipment, which is now presumably under control of Islamic State militants.
INA’s annual profit from Syrian oil and gas exploitation was formerly around 270 million euro, though this fell after 2012, when INA suspended operations.
INA is a partly state-owned company. The Croatian state owns almost 51 per cent of the shares and the Hungarian energy company, MOL, holds 49 per cent.
The two owners are currently locked in a legal battle over management rights through arbitration processes in Paris and Washington...

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