Dienstag, 14. Oktober 2014

Die Serbische Polizei hat immer noch ein Problem mit Kriminellen in ihren Reihen

The elite police unit on trial
Criminals in the Ranks of the Gendarmerie
The security testing of almost all 2000 members of the Gendarmerie shows that charges were pressed against more than hundred members of the unit.
Half of the gendarmes who have a criminal record are not referred to as a “serious security problem”, because they were charged for traffic offences.
Nevertheless, the other half was described as problematic. There are also those, who do not have a criminal record, who are clean from juridical point of view, but considered a possibly even larger security risk because of their conflicting behaviour and dubious relations.
- All members of the Gendarmerie with a problematic biography have been put on a list. New job systematization is planned, in which their responsibilities will be strictly defined – our source from the Ministry of the Interior says.
This way, those in charge will try to bring order into the largest special unit of the Ministry of the Interior, which has been shaken by numerous affairs, scandals, criminal offenses, personnel shifts etc. for several years now.

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