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10 % der Kroatischen Tankstellen, haben schlechte Qualität

16 Dec 14

Croatia to Fine Gas Stations Selling Dodgy Fuel

After state inspections found that around 10 per cent of the gas on sale at tested gas stations was poor, a minister said the companies will be taken to court and fined.
Sven Milekic
Economy minister Ivan Vrdoljak says companies selling low-quality fuel will be fined.
The results of two-week state inspection of gas quality on Croatian gas stations have revealed that 10 per cent of the analyzed fuel was not up to standards and could potentially cause vehicles to malfunction.
Low-quality fuel was on sale at gas stations in the capital, Zagreb, but also in the cities of Split, Osijek and Varazdin.
Government officials have so far refused to name the companies that are selling low-quality, hazardous fuel.
The assistant minster for the Economy, Ismar Avdagic, stated on Monday that “he understand the interest of consumers” in knowing which companies are selling bad gas, but that the ministry could not reveal the names just yet.
“The goal [of the inspection] was special prevention, to punish those who are cheating, and general prevention, to send a message to others that they cannot behave in such a manner,” Avdagic said.
During the weekend, the economy minister, Ivan Vrdoljak, announced sanctions against the companies, which will range from 39,000 to 78,000 euro. The companies can be publicly named only after the final judgment.

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