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Slowenien, Kroatien, Bosnien, Albanien und neue Erd Öl Bohrungen in der Adria

Slovenia examines Croatian oil exploitation impact on environment

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crLjubljana, March 17, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency
Review Hari Stefanatos
Slovenia has received the document it had requested from Croatia regarding the latter’s hydrocarbon exploration in the Adriatic Sea, signalling the beginning of the assessment of the cross-border impact of the project.
This assessment will have the form of a public consultation that will last for 30  days, starting Monday 16 when the document was first published on the web page of the Environment and Spatial Planning Ministry of Slovenia. These documents include the master plan and programme of exploration works, in addition to the study on the impact this will have on the environment.
Slovenia requested inclusion in the assessment of cross-border impact in January, arguing that the project could have an environmental impact on Slovenian territory.
After the end of the consultation period and the thorough examination of the documents by Slovenia, the two countries will hold a meeting to discuss possible cross-border impacts, measures to mitigate negative consequences, and the way the public and the appropriate authorities will be notified about the project’s progress.
Six companies have submitted bids for hydrocarbon exploration in the Adriatic and contracts are to be signed soon, for a process that is expected to last 3-6 years.
(Source: Sloveniatimes)
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