Samstag, 26. März 2016

Die US installierte Generalstaatsanwältin Katica Janeva, eine Betrügerin, hat den Überblick im Chaos der US Terrroristen verloren

Die Generalstaatsanwältin Jeneva wird immer schlimmer: sie erkennt das Land, das Parlament, Gerichte, die Regierung nicht an. Die Puppe der verrückten US Botschafter in Skopje ist inzwischen vollkommen konfus, bei so vielen Anordnungen und Wünschen des Berufs Verbrecher und Freund von Terroristen, und Mördern: Jess Baily, der sich US Botschafter nennt und die Terroristen in Kumanova dirigierte, u.a. um Polizei Stationen zu überfallen und inklusive US Pass natürlich wie Bek Rizaj und eliminieren Kollegen.
Mafia Styl:
„The six horsemen of the apocalypse, the so called „western“ ambassador – —
„The US Ambassador Jess Bailey, nicknamed by Macedonian media as „Jess (Himmler) Bailey was instrumental in the failed coup attempt in Turkey where several civilians died during months old staged protests.

Banana Republic: Puppet Prosecutor Picks Zaev’s Attorney Godfather on her Team

Mazedonien Generalstaatsanwältin Katica Janeva, eine US installierte Betrügerin wird von Allen boykottiert

EU Mafia with Georg Soros’s Gangster: Zoran Zaev
PES Budapest 2015: Gangster Treffen der Korruption: Zoran Zaev MaPES Budapest 2015: Gangster Treffen der

Clueless in Skopje: President is illegitimate, I just don't know When he was Elected
Friday, 25 March 2016
  Macedonia's very special prosecutor appears to sink in confusion and scandalous statements with each passing hour. Katica Janeva and her team have managed to lose all of the public's respect in her over-the-top attempts to protect Zaev and his cronies, so much so it appears the more Janeva is getting involved, the more it looks she is headed to prison despite being hand picked by the US Embassy to continue the not so silent coup in the country.   A police raid last night uncovered a USB key with wiretapped data that was given to the detained individuals at a timeframe when Zaev stated he had given all of the data to Janeva's SPO. There were over a 1,000 wiretapped conversations of politicians and businessmen. According to police sources, the data was used to blackmail businessmen to support the SDSM in their open agression and destabilization attempts.   The question is who gave the data to the now detained individuals knowing there were only two with access to it: Zaev and Janeva! And, does it matter? Janeva has already picked a team, and it isn't Macedonia, despite receiving 4m euros in taxapayers money.   "Illegitimate" President and Parliament Janeva is working for the US Embassy. The problem for Katica's boss (Jess Baily) is that he has issued so many orders to the Gevgelija born prosecutor, the poor woman is hopelessly confused. According to Janeva, she is focusing her investigation on (illegitimate) elections between 2011 and 2013. As told by Herr Baily and assisted by C. Garrett, Janeva is also questioning the legitimacy of Ivanov as president!? Once again the focus is on "data" between 2011 and 2013. Nobody told the poor woman that both the Parliament and Ivanov were elected in 2014.   Whether due to stress, or because of knowing what she does is illegal, exhibiting the mental capacity of a child Janeva at a press conference stated "she had about 80% evidence and a witness" that the previous elections were not up to her standards. Well, as long as it's up to 80% and she knows a guy who knows a guy, I am good!............................................ Janeva causes storm after saying she doesn't recognize: Country, Parliament, Courts...
Wednesday, 23 March 2016
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Durch geknallte Pyschopatin des Krieges und des Massenmordes besucht Skopje in Mazedonien: Victory Nuland

Einfach verhaften diese Extrem Verbrecherin aus den USA

US Neocon pays a surprise visit to Macedonia
Thursday, 10 March 2016
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United States Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, Victoria Nuland paid a visit Thursday to the "Vinojug" transit registration center near Gevgelija and was briefed on the challenges of Macedonian authorities and living conditions of migrants.

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