Sonntag, 7. Januar 2018

Schmuggler Boot nach Internationaler Jagd von Albanien - Italien nach Montenegro beschlagnahmt

über 38 Tonnen Cannabis wurde allein mit Schmuggler Booten von den Italiener beschlagnahmt in 2017, darunter auch Türkische, US Yachten welche in das Migranten und Drogen Geschäfte eingestiegen waren

Albanian and Italian marine authorities chase powerboat of alleged traffickers from Vlora to Montenegro

The Albanian and Italian marine authorities have chased a powerboat for several hours, from Vlora to Montenegro. The boat was finally caught by the Montenegrin authorities.
The Albanian police confirmed that two of the suspects were Montenegrin and one Serbian. The inflatable powerboat had been under surveillance since Friday, by the law-enforcing agencies of three states. They were arrested in Montenegro only this Saturday.
A second powerboat was seized during the operation. According to the Albanian police, it had attempted to help the first one. The second powerboat had two other Montenegrin citizens.
The powerboat raised alarmas among the Albanian police at first, which organized operations from sea and land. Three Albanian Border Police and Delta Force vessels chased the powerboat, seeking help from the Oriku ship and from a Cougar Helicopter of the Armed Forces, and also from Italian and Montenegrin counterparts.
This was the third effort within a few days to traffic cannabis from Albania. An Albanian and an Italian suspect even chose the New Year’s Eve to transport 600 kg of cannabis, but they were caught by the Italian “Guardia di Finanza”
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