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1994-2021: Die USA kritiseren die engen Kontakte des Edi Rama, mit Recep Erdogan in Albanien und dem Balkan


 Monday, February 8, 2021

Rama clashes with the US representative in Tirana, for the Turkish influence in Southern Albania


The ulterior Agreements of Rama in Turkey, including the strong Turkish investments  particularly during in Greek Zones Influence as The Northern Epirus, Ionian Coast Line, from Vlora, Himara to Saranda

The expansion of Turkish investment capitals is now taking over the Military Bases, as in Sazan Island, Pasha Liman Base, and continuing with the investments in Fier for the construction of the Turkish Private Hospital, with the intervention of financing from Erdogan and until the opening of Turkish Consulate in Vlora. Turkish capitals seek to manage Akernia Airport, while in cooperation with the oligarchs, are laying tentacles to build with Turkish firms, the Llogara Tunnel to Connect Himara and Agia Saranda with Turkish investments.

Sources from the Albanian media say that Edi Rama has received some critical messages from the US Ambassador in Tirana, about the latest developments in relation to Turkey.  
But in addition to the commitment of the Americans, it is Greece and Italy that are looking with great concern, a consolidation of relations between the Albanian Government and the Turkish Government, both in military, economic and geopolitical terms, upsetting the regional balance.

Before Edi Rama went to Turkey, a giant affair of the prime minister appeared with powerful companies pro-Erdogan or as they are called "Dragons of Anatolia". And in fact everything is being realized; The most important region of the country, such as Vlora, will soon be in Turkish hands. It is about the airport, but also about important investments in the Coast area, where the constructions carried out in Himara Region, Agia Saranda, but also important lands of the former Navy are expected to be given to some Turkish companies that have operation in the powerful area. of Antalya.

Meanwhile, regarding the possibility that the Turkish company close to the family for the management of airports, Limak, is expected to be the manager of the Albanian air.
However, the "Vilayet of Vlora" is not a joke, it is returning very quickly to the most important area of ​​the Turks in the Balkans. This was stated by the Speaker of the Turkish Parliament, Sentop, when he visited Tirana last week.

Meanwhile, ‘BNE Intelligence’, a very well-known regional media based in Sofia, which deals with economic analysis, explains this phenomenon in detail.

According to ‘BNE Intelligence’ Turkish companies in Albania employ 10,000 people, ‘Calik Holding’ which operates in the sectors of energy, mining, construction, finance and communication is the largest company operating in the country. Turkish firms have also invested in Albania's second largest bank, BKT. Turkish companies have hydropower plants, an iron smelting plant and the Albanian-flagged airline Air Albania.

Recall that in 1995, the former President of the country, Sali Berisha, ca
used a breakdown in relations with the USA, after trying to stop the US Navy from having influence on Sazan Island. Turkish influence, meanwhile, has become a concern in the EU and the European Parliament, but Edi Rama's agreements with Erdogan tend to be somewhat more private than in the name of state interests, BNE Intelligence sources point out.


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