Samstag, 24. Januar 2009

Entlasse UCK - TMK Berufs Killer protestieren im Kosovo

Natürlich drohen diese Leute erneut, das dieser Vorgang den Kosovo destabiliseren wird, aber diese Argumentation kennt man nun seit über 25 Jahren. Man wird weiter Anschläge machen und sich so Gehör verschaffen, denn das ist eine alte Tradition bei den Albaner Gangster Clans. In den Nachrichten erklärt dann der angeblich entlassene (wegen der BND Affäre) Kosovo Polizei Sprecher Elshani die Situation.

200 Kosovo Banditen der KPC/TMK - UCK protestieren, weil man sie nicht in die neue KSF übernommen hat

Priština: Ex-KPC want “tests reexamined”
24 January 2009 | 11:51 | Source: B92
PRIŠTINA — Members of the former Kosovo Protection Corps (KPC), unhappy with the outcome of their Kosovo Security Forces (KSC) applications, are protesting.

Ex-KPC members protest in Priština (Beta)
Some 100 ex-KPS members have on Friday, for the second day in a row, camped outside the Kosovo assembly in Priština, demanding that the tests they took when they applied be reexamined.

The protestors, who have on the first day warned that they would “destabilize the situation” unless there is “solution for them, too”, stressed that they had spent “20 years in an effort to make Kosovo into a state, and that they can now destroy it in 24 hours”.

Kosovo Albanian government’s Security Forces Minister Fehmi Mujota spoke to them on Friday, promising that the tests will indeed be reexamined. The protesting former members of the KPC will on Monday meet with Prime Minister Hashim Thaci.

Meantime, also in Priština, a group of Albanians from the Bošnjačka Mahala neighborhood of Kosovska Mitrovica took it to the streets.

While there are no Serbs in the southern, Albanian part of that divided northern town, the northern neighborhood in question is home to Albanians and Bosniaks. The north of Kosovska Mitrovica is predominantly Serb.

“We are protesting because people who live there are not safe. Although EULEX has come now they live with fear, they sleep with fear,” protestors said.

Albanians from Bošnjačka Mahala also set up a fire in front of the government building in Priština.

“This fire,” they explained, “symbolizes night guards, guards of Bošnjačka Mahala. We are forced to go out and secure our families, secure Bošnjačka Mahala.”

The protestors stayed for two hours, carrying banners reading, “We want security”, and, “We want to sleep in peace like in Priština”.

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