Montag, 9. Februar 2009

Albania High Court Judge: Ardian Nuni Shot Outside Home

Albania High Court Judge Shot Outside Home
Tirana | 09 February 2009 |

Albania Supreme Court
Albania Supreme Court Judge Ardian Nuni was shot on Sunday night outside his home, in what his colleagues said was an attack against the justice system as a whole.

Nuni had been operated in Tirana’s Military Hospital, and was out of danger and in stable condition. According to police sources the judge was shot twice in the back, outside his house, in Tirana's Paris Commune neighbourhood.

“This attack is aggression against the justice by the mafia,” the deputy head of the High Council of Justice, Kreshnik Spahiu, told local broadcaster News 24. “Nuni was a symbol of justice.”

Nuni, 40, is one of the youngest judges in Albania’s Supreme Court. He took the post in April 2007.

“We are troubled by acts like this which are an attack against the justice system,” Albania's Minister of Justice Enekeled Alibeaj told reporters. “The culprits should face justice as soon as possible.”

Officials said the crime was being investigated by the Serious Crimes Prosecution office, and police were questioning several witnesses to the shooting...

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