Freitag, 27. Februar 2009

Serbische Staatsanwaltschaft hat 10 UCK Anführer als Verantwortliche für die Entführungen mit Organ Entnahme und Tödung identifiziert

Serbian prosecutors identify suspects in organ-trafficking case


BELGRADE, Serbia -- The country's war crimes prosecutor's office has so far identified ten former members of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) who allegedly committed crimes against kidnapped Serb civilians in Kosovo in 1999, local media reported on Thursday (February 26th). In March 2008, the prosecutor's office launched an investigation into the disappearance of hundreds of Serbs and other non-Albanians during and after the 1999 war in Kosovo. The KLA allegedly kidnapped the victims and secretly transported them to camps in northern Albania for removal of their organs and later sale of those organs on the black market. Spokesman Bruno Vekaric said Serbia would forward the new evidence to Albania's prosecution office to allow the launch of a parallel investigation there. (Beta, Tanjug, Emportal - 26/02/09)

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