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Albanians Terror Organisation: AKSH - ANA : Osama bin Laden Focuses on the Balkans

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Albanische Medien nennen diese Leute wie in der Gazetta Sqiptare: "BARONE der Drogen" und immer gehen die Verbindungen dieser Leute zur Prominenz der Albanischen und Kosvaren wie auch Mazedonischen Politik.

Man macht lustig und munter weiter, mit den Drogen Geschäften, was früher halt noch als "Freiheits Kampf" getarnt war, wie andere Terroristische Aktionen, u.a. Strom Masten sprengen nach 1999 im Kosovo, durch höchst rangige TMK-UCK-KLA Verbrecher, welche nicht nur von der UN bezahlt waren, sondern auch AKSH Ausweise in der Jacke hatte.

Der legendäre Drogen Boss mit Weltweiten Verbindungen bis nach Australien: Daut Kadriovski ! Daut der schon 2001 verhaftet wurde, war der Financier der AKSH.Daut K. kommt aus der Mazedonischen Mafia Hochburg aus Kumanovo und war Lehrmeister der Albanisch Mazedonischen Mafia.
Erstmalig in Deutschland 1985 verhaftet, mit 5 Kilo Heroin: Daut K. war der Boss von 15 hoch kriminellen Familien aus Mazedonien und baute die Top Drogen Schiene auch mit den Gambino Clan (US Mafia Nr. 1)nach New York auf. Unter dem Namen:

Die ANA - AKSH ist eine bei der UN registrierte Terror Organisation,, deren Verbot Michael Steiner einleitete!Die Albanische OK, tarnt ihren Drogen- Waffen- Menschen- und Kinderhandel unter dem Deckmantel eines Freiheits Kämpfers um in Ruhe hoch kriminelle Geschäfte abwickeln zu können. U.a. ist Tetova eine Drogen Hochburg mit Nebenstellen und eigenen Hotels in Süd - Durres wie Golem und Vlore wie die Italienische Polizei erst gestern wieder berichtete im Albanischen und Italienischen TV. Prominente Barone der Drogen, wie es sogar das Albanische TV , nennt sind in Wirklichkeit Kosovaren Gangs, teilweise aus Mazedonien: Prominente Namen: Lul Berisha, Shabani, H.Hoxha mit dem Bauhaus in Tirana und alle im Moment verhaftet. Auf gebaut wurde das ganze System mit den Zweigstellen bei Durres-Golem vor allem von Sokol Kociu und Daut Kadriovski, welche beide ebenso im Knast sitzen und legendäre Drogen Schmuggler sind, mit Weltweiten Drogen Netzen, welche mit dem Englischen Geheimdienst Mi6 - SAS Leuten aufgebaut wurden. Alle diese Drogen Barone, haben und hatten ebenso besten Verbindungen in die Deutsche Politik und wurden mit Visas der Joschka Fischer und Steinmeier Truppe überschüttet.

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Albanien Land der Drogen: Mediat italiane: Shqipëria mbron padronet e drogës

Lt. US-Statedepartment ist die AKSH - ANA, eine kriminelle Organisation, welche in den Menschen- udn Drogen Schmuggel verwickelt ist, Gelder erpreßt und Strassen Sperren errichtet um Geld zu erpressen.

August 29, 2003

Osama bin Laden Focuses on the Balkans for the New Wave of Anti-Western Terrorism

By Yossef Bodansky, Senior Editor, GIS. Starting in mid-August 2003, radical Islamist leaders elevated the rôle of the terrorism infrastructure in the Balkans as a key facilitator of a proposed escalation of conflict into the heart of Europe, Israel and the United States. The terrorism campaign aims to define the US occupation of Baghdad as the turning point in the fateful jihad for the future of Islam. The importance of the concurrent expansion of Islamist operations in the Balkans should be examined in this overall context.

The most telling development was the nomination of Shahid Emir Mussa Ayzi to coordinate and run special recruitment operations. Ayzi is a veteran of Afghanistan who is close not only to the al-Qaida élite but also the Taliban leadership. Recently, al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden’s senior commanders decided to expand the recruitment and activation of Slav cadres, because they look European and non-Arabs, in order to enhance their ability to operate at the heart of the West.

In August 2003, Ayzi took over this sensitive recruitment drive. The main recruitment pool consists of Bosnian Muslims with a smaller effort relying on Russian converts recruited in Chechnya and the Caucasus as a whole. Although the Islamists had run a recruitment and training drive of Bosnian Muslims expert terrorists and would-be martyr-bombers since the early 1990s, these cadres had not until now been used.

Now, circumstances seem to be changing. In late August 2003, Ayzi sent a report to Mullah Qudratullah, a senior Taliban official, about his success in enlisting “persons of Slav ethnicity” to the Islamist jihad. He added that some of these “white devils” had already been indoctrinated and trained to the point of sending them to carry out “Allah’s Work” — that is, terrorist martyrdom-strikes — “in a number of European cities and on Israeli territory”. The preparation of additional Slav cadres for US operations is in progress, Ayzi reported. The training and preparation of Ayzi’s recruits is taking place in the Balkans and the Caucasus, mainly Georgia.

The Balkans undertaking is part of an overall increase in the Islamist buildup under the overall supervision of Muhammad al-Zawahiri, the brother of Ayman al-Zawahiri, the number two leader in al-Qaida. The senior Islamist commanders now consider what they call “the Albanian land” — Albania, Kosovo and parts of Macedonia — to be safe for use a springboard for the insertion of a new wave of expert terrorists, including the Slavs, into Western Europe and onward throughout the West.

Indeed, starting in mid-August 2003, there was a discernable increase in the number of foreigners in the Islamist mosques throughout Albania. “They [originally] come from Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Iran. They come from many countries,” noted an eyewitness in Tiranë. “They arrive [in Tiranë] from Afghanistan,” he added. These expert terrorists are being prepared in Albania for their specific missions in the West.

This training program is conducted under the cover of the Albanian National Army (ANA or AKSh in Albanian) with most senior trainers and commanders being “mujahedin who retreated from Bosnia” and are affiliated with al-Qaida.

In return for the Albanian support of this endeavor, the Islamists assist the local terrorists in preparing for launching spectacular terrorism into the major cities of Serbia and Montenegro, with Belgrade and Niš believed to be the top targets. As well, Islamist cadres, mainly veterans of Bosnia, are providing advance training to thousands of Albanian terrorists in camps in Kosovo-Metohija, near Prizren, on the slopes of Mt Sara, in the Kosovo Morava River valley, in the Albanian towns of Kukes and Tropoje, and around Tetovo in western Macedonia.

These operations are also run under the banner of the ANA/AKSh.

Significantly, the growing importance of the Balkans cause was also reflected in the Islamist communiqués claiming and explaining the bombing of the UN building in Baghdad. This was the most important and authoritative doctrinal statement of the Islamist leadership in August 2003. The statements stressed the situation in Bosnia as a major grievance of the Islamists against the UN and the West. The first statement was issued on August 19, 2003, by the Abu-Hafs al-Masri Brigades, itself a front group of al-Qaida. The Islamists claimed that UN officials “oversaw the massacre of Bosnian women and children in 1992 and 1995”, and that “the United Nations was responsible for the massacre of 7,000 Muslims in Srebrenica in 1995 because it sponsored the idea of ‘not establishing an Islamic state in Europe’.”

On August 24, 2003, the London-based Al-Muhajiroun, bin Laden’s primary mouthpiece in Europe, elaborated on this theme in order to explain why the UN building in Baghdad was a legitimate target: “Verily it was the UN soldiers in Bosnia who were recorded to have stood by when the barbaric Serbs massacred Muslims. The UN first decided to take away the weapons of the Muslims (fearing that they might actually defend themselves and establish Islamic rule) and thereby facilitated their massacre, and were then even photographed helping in the mass murder and gang rape of Muslim women and children. The wounds are still fresh.”

The statements were clearly intended to compound the disinformation that, indeed, 7,000 Muslims were killed in Srebrenica, when all independent forensic evidence points to Muslim casualties in the hundreds, possibly the low hundreds. Continued emphasis on such allegedly high numbers of Muslim deaths at Srebrenica also obfuscates the Muslim murders in that city, earlier, of Serb civilians.

Indeed, the August 2003 statements and intelligence, leading up to the proposed September 2003 opening of the new Islamist shrine — built at Srebrenica with US funds — all support analysis that a significant new wave of terrorism, this time with many European Islamists, is to begin soon.

AKSH - ANA : Osama bin Laden Focuses on the Balkans

Albanian Paratroopers (KOBRA) Einheit Albanische Paramilitärs - Kosovo Mitrovica

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Eigentlich muss man ja nur Deutsche Politiker fragen, wieviel Millionen man privat abzockt mit dem Aufbau derartiger hoch krimineller Clans und Gruppen und wieviel die SPD - Steinmeier und Co. und Joschka Fischer und Freunde, mit dem Aufbau des Verbrecher Staates: Kosovo : direkt verdienen u.a. durch Privatisierungen, Verschieben von 1 Milliarde € des Erlöses aus der Kosovo Privatisierung und Kosovaren Pensions Fund ins Ausland. siehe auch BND Report 2005,über die Gangster Bande im Kosovo, welche dort Alles kontrollieren.

Was plumbe Geldwäsche ist, wird dann als Investment und Wirtschafts Wachstum im Albanischen Raum von Deutschen Politikern verkauft. Dem Bruder von Hashim Thaci, hat man in 2000 bei einer Razzia 1 Million DM beschlagnahmt. Die UN Verwaltung machte sich damals lächerlich, weil praktisch das gesamte Ganoven Pack auch aus Deutschland, über Frauen Geschichten erpressbar war. Man gab die 1 Million DM zurück, entschuldiget sich und ab diesem Zeitpunkt, wurde Leuten wie einem Haradinaj und Thaci, jede Polizei Aktion vorab gemeldet.

Die Mafia Einkaufs Centren in Durres der US Gangster und von "Lul" Berisha

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