Montag, 30. März 2009

In Bulgarien wurde der Real Estate Gangster Kiro Kirow entführt

Kiro Kirov ist wirklich so der echte typische sogenannten "Businessman" vom Balkan und in alle Drecks Geschäfte wie Import, illegales Bauen, Aneignung von Grundstücken mittels Bestechung, Verkauf von minderwertigen Betrugs Immobilien verwickelt und ein Drahtzieher der Geldwäsche und eng mit der Politischen Bulgarischen Mafia verbunden. Nun wurde er entführt, was bestimmt kein Verlust für die Menschheit ist.

Bulgaria Businessman Gone Missing
Sofia | 30 March 2009 |

Police are working on six possible scenarios regarding missing businessman Kiro Kirov, aged 70, one of which was that he had been kidnapped, prosecutor Plamen Panayotov told Bulgarian BTA news agency.

Source: Sofiaecho

Kirov disappeared on March 27 at about 9pm. His relatives called the police on the following day.

According to police, Kirov parked his luxury vehicle in the garage of his house in Sofia’s Bankya neighbourhood. His relatives found it with its doors open. Kirov’s two mobile phones have been switched off since Friday.

On Sunday, private national broadcaster Nova Televisia quoted Kirov’s son, Ivan Kirov, who said that his father had called him and told him that he was abroad, but without saying when he was returning to the country.

Kirov PLC is a famous name in the construction business in Bulgaria; the company is involved in import and sales of earthmoving and construction equipment.

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