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Terrorist und Super Verbrecher Josef DioGuardio im US Senat in Aktion

Die Jugoslawien Krieg waren eine CIA Operation, welche Operation "ROOTS" hiess und eine 2 Iran Contra Affäre war, welche bereits in Cooperation mit Admiral Pointexter, Reagon und Josef DioGuardio in 1988 genehmigt wurde und wo Senator Bob Dole ebenso eine Schlüsselrolle wie Hans-Dietrich Genscher spielte, mit seinen Waffenlieferungen ab 1997 in den Kosovo und nach Kroatien.

Hitlers Gross Albanien, das Traum Ziel von Volker Rühe, Hans-Dietrich Genscher, Joschka Fischer, Scharping, Ute Zapf und wie die Verbrecher sonst noch hiessen.

Eine der wichtigsten Verbrecher, welcher als Lobbyist für Krieg, Terrorismsu, Zusammenarbeit mit Drogen Kartellen und Bin Laden steht ist Josef DioGuardio vom AACL.

Hitlers Gross Albanien - Joseph J. DioGuardio und der AACL

November 1988. DioGuardi with President Regan, Congressman Rinaldo and National Security Adviser Poindexter in the Oval Office discussing U.S. foreign policy in Balkans.

aus der Mafia Website AACL

Die geistigen Väter sitzen in Deutschland und den USA.

Mit Bin Laden haben diese Leute absolut keine Probleme, denn man betrieb ja Ausbildungs Camps in Nord Albanien ab 1999 und auch noch 2001 in Peskopje wo der hoch kriminelle Drogen Schmuggler und US Botschafter Josef Limprecht dann im Mai 2002 starb.

Am Anfang der Zerschlagung Jugoslawiens stand ein amerikanisches Gesetz!

February 1999. Congressman Jim Traficant joins a Civic League delegation to Tirana to speak at an international conference on the independence of Kosova.

Der engste Partner im AACL und Vize Chef war der US Kongreß Abgeordnete James Traficant jun., der im April 1999 wegen Waffenhandel von der US Botschafterin Mariza Lino festgenommen wurde und aus Albanien ausgewiesen wurde. James Traficant aus der Mafia Familie Traficant mit Lansky Meyer schon in Kuba vor 50 Jahren ein enger CIA Partner, sitzt heute in US Gefängniss ein.

siehe die Senats Resolution Nr. 150 von 1986 von Bob Dole zur Zerschlagung von Jugoslawien

Special Report Feb. 28, 1999

Bob Dole and Yugoslavia; "Concurrent Resolution 150" and Other Puzzle Pieces

"Follow the money trail," they said during the Watergate Scandal. In June 1986, more than four years before the suspension of Kosovo's Albanian-Muslim dominated autonomous government, Senator Robert ("Bob") Dole of Kansas was the Republican Majority leader in the US Senate. On June 18th of that year, he submitted the inflammatory Concurrent Resolution #150, the complete text of which is reprinted below (Exhibit #1), along with Senator Dole's introductory speech. Joseph DioGuardi, a conservative Republican of Albanian ancestry from New York's metropolitan area, sponsored a companion Resolution in the House of Representatives, ("concurrent" means a resolution is deliberately submitted in both houses) to be found elsewhere in the same volume of the Congressional Record for June 18, 1986. (A xerox copy on file.)


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  1. Where did the poor Albanians find the $400,000 per year they pay DioGuardi as their lobbyist? Would 9/11 hve happened if it were not for DioGuardi's support for Albanian and bosnian terrorist links?

    March 8, 1984, Joseph J. DioGuardi, 43, a partner in Arthur Andersen & Co., one of the ''Big Eight'' international accounting and consulting firms, will leave the firm on March 31 to enter the race for the 20th Congressional . . . ''He has distinguished himself in the areas in which he has had firmwide responsibility, namely the tax aspects of nonprofit organizations, the public sector and charitable giving,'' the statement continued.

    September 26, 1984 AP DioGuardi made the remarks during a candidate's forum Sunday morning at the Jewish Community Center in White Plains. In a tape recording of the Sunday appearance, DioGuardi is heard saying, "You've got to look at the facts. The facts are that the minority groups in this country enjoy having children. It's their only joy, their only hope. It gets them another check. They're not going to have the abortions."
    October 4, 1992, AP Joseph J. DioGuardi, who is seeking election to a House seat he lost amid charges of campaign finance irregularities, tried to avoid paying taxes through an investment scheme designed to lose money, according to U.S. Tax Court records . . . In 1978, DioGuardi was a partner in Daga Financial Co., which bought and sold options and futures on stocks and securities, according to court papers. On their joint tax return for that year, DioGuardi and his wife reported a loss of $ 112,453 from Joseph DioGuardi's 24.4 percent share of Daga, according to the records. So even though DioGuardi had earned more than $ 124,000 as an accountant that year, he and his wife claimed taxable income of $ 9,323, the records show. But the IRS said Daga's 1978 losses could not be deducted because "the entire transaction lacked economic reality." . . . In 1988, Lowey ousted DioGuardi after a report that Joseph Crabtree, the head of DioGuardi's campaign finance committee, had funneled more than $ 50,000 in illegal contributions to the campaign through his numerous auto dealerships. Crabtree reimbursed employees for the contributions, which is illegal. Crabtree said DioGuardi masterminded the plan; the ex-congressman denied it. Crabtree eventually pleaded guilty to conspiring to violate federal election and tax laws.

    1. Josef DioGudardio; master of fraud in albania and the pyramid system

  2. The gangster is now: (he changed the party)
    New York Conservative Party Nominates DioGuardi for U.S. Senate

    albanians Mafia payed a lot of money, for wesley clark, Bob Dole and John McCains!

    Justin Raimondo
    February 25, 2000


    DioGuardi is member in the US Mafia Nr. 1 Gambino Clan. One of his Mafia Hotels: Adriatic near Durres Albania