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Milorad Dodik und sein Bosnien als Mafia Drehscheibe im Balkan

Milorad Dodik

Eigentlich geht es auch Bosnien immer nur um den Erhalt der profitablen kriminellen Strukturen, welche mit den Balkan Kriegen geschaffen wurden. siehe

Bosnien: Paradies für Autoklau, Drogenschmuggel, Korruption

aus dem Spiegel

Special Report: Terrorism and Organized Crime in South-Eastern Europe:

Haft Befehle gegen Ejup Ganic und Sjepan Kljuic, welche den Bosnien Krieg starteten

Witnesses at US Helsinki Commission hearing blast Dodik for alleged secession plans


The US Helsinki Commission held a hearing on the Western Balkans two weeks ago at which various experts expressed concern over political developments in Republika Srpska.

By Jusuf Ramadanovic for Southeast European Times in Sarajevo -- 16/04/09

Republika Srpska Prime Minister Milorad Dodik reiterated on Wednesday (April 15th) that RS would like to see the entity structure preserved in BiH‘s future constitutional reform. [Getty Images]

Informed about recent troubling developments in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), the US Helsinki Commission heard stern criticism of several BiH politicians two weeks ago. The chief target of the criticism was Milorad Dodik, prime minister of Republika Srpska (RS), one of two entities comprising BiH.

Participants at the commission's hearing on the Western Balkans, held in Washington, warned that Dodik expects the international community to tire of BiH-related issues. By reversing reforms of past years and undermining the state's credibility and efficiency, Dodik is laying the groundwork to secede when a suitable opportunity arises, they said.

Lord Paddy Ashdown, former high representative to BiH, said the United States and the EU needed to co-operate on "a single strategy" to thwart efforts by "elements largely in" RS that want to "undo the reforms towards statehood". In Ashdown's opinion, the biggest lever available to the West is the prospect of EU membership. ...


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