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Presheva - Bujanovac Gangster Valley Albanians seek higher education for the drug center

Kosovo’s affairs & the "Narco-statehood"
By Ioannis Michaletos | Blog
March 28, 2008
The direct relationship between the Kosovo Mafia and Islamic terrorism was made explicitly visible in September 2006 when the Pakistani national Arfan Qadeer Bhatti, was arrested in Oslo-Norway trying to blow up the Israeli and the American Embassies there.
He had visited several times Pristina and met with Princ Dobrosi, a well connected on political terms drug merchant in Kosovo.
The American analyst on terrorism and author, Burr, described that NATO forces in Afghanistan have retrieved Taliban satellite phones in hideouts inside mountain caves. After technical examination it was revealed that those Afghani fighters had called repeatedly numbers in Kosovo over the past few years.

Presheva Valley Albanians seek higher education rights
Thursday, 19 March 2009
ImageOn Wednesday morning, the walls of the buildings in downtown of Presheva were covered with graffiti in Albanian and Serbian language. "I don't want to see battalions of gendarmerie, I want to accept my diploma", "I want university education in my native language," were some of the graffiti messages written on the walls. Presheva Valley is a region located in the eastern and southeastern border between Kosovo and Serbia, which is mainly populated by the ethnic Albanians.

The graffiti, according to the only Presheva Valley Albanian MP in the Serbia Parliament, Riza Halimi, shows "a legitimate protesting action of freedom of expression."

"All political institutions have complained for the excessive and disproportional presence of police in the Valley, therefore, I don't see any excuses here, because the graffiti clearly emphasizes the frustration of the locals," said Halimi during an interview for the Serbia daily Danas.

He reminded that "the empty promising story to open up the Faculty of Pedagogy is over 6 years old"

"During the previous talks on education with the competent ministers, the facts show the desperate need to open an institution for higher education in Presheva during the next 3 years. Well, now it's been 6 years and we can all witness the lack of government's attention to the issues here. We still have issues with recognizing the University of Prishtina diplomas...," added Halimi.

Keeping Presheva in the dark and isolation has been one of Serbia's main tactics by using political and police force against the local ethnic Albanians, which Halimi has accused the Serbian government for "stealth institutional ethnic cleansing."

Meanwhile, from Vranje, hundreds of Serbian gendarmerie forces are seen heading to Presheva Valley to investigate the graffiti signs in the buildings, an order given by Serbia's interior ministry.

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