Sonntag, 19. April 2009

Warnungen vor Investitionen im Kosovo

Die Live Erfahrungen in dem Verbrecher Staat in vielen Sprachen hier abzurufen sind Fakten!

Vor allem schreckt die NATO Lobbyisten Mafia und ihre Handlanger aus der OK im Kosovo nicht vor Morden und jede Art von Verbrechen gegen Auslaendische Investoren zurueck. Das Verbrecher System um die SP Kriminellen wie Joachim Rueckers und Frank Walter STeinmeier hat gute Arbeit geleistet.

"Don't Invest in Kosovo" is the name of a web domain recently created by a Norwegian company in a campaign to highlight what it calls "millions of euros of waste" in Kosovo.

Source: Emportal, Koha Ditore, BBC Monitoring, Comtex

The webpage has already been activated, although it still lacks documents and facts to prove how risky the investments in Kosovo are. Its founders claim that they have decided to launch this webpage in order to provide a non-political forum that would help Kosovo improve itself.

"This web page is expected to be completed on 1 May 2009, and the founders have decided that this web page will be a 'non-political forum' for all those who have any interest in following the expected changes for a better Kosova, in all respects," reads the recently launched website, which also makes references to issues that will "be clarified" in this page. Besides Albanian, materials are also available in English, Italian, French, Serbian and Norwegian.

Meanwhile, Kosovo Government representatives say that it is not up to them to stop this campaign against investments in there.

Government Spokesman Memli Krasniqi says that this campaign is being run by individuals from Kosovo, who are trying to give a bad image of Kosovo because of their personal interests. These individuals, according to him, will fail against the high number of those interested in investing in Kosova.


siehe auch wie das Verbrecher System der Deutschen Aussenpolitik auf dem Balkan funktioniert. Man finanziert mit System prominente Verbrecher und dies in Afghanistan, Kosovo, Albanien usw.. und nennt es Aussenpolitik.

Propaganda Sprachrohr der Albanischen Mafia: Gernot Erler

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