Samstag, 6. Juni 2009

Wird das Serbische Natur Denkmal die Ur Zeit Höhle Vjetrenica nun geschützt

In dieser Höhle leben extrem seltene Tiere, davon Etliche nur in dieser Höhle. Illegale Bauten und Wasser Entnahmen zerstören das seltene Biotop. Angeblich sei der die Verwaltung des nahe gegelegenen Ortes Ravno nicht zuständig, aber wohl in Wirklichkeit steckt sogar die Verwaltung von Ravno dahinter.

Dosta Seeks Protection for Vjetrenica Cave
Thu, 04/06/2009 - 11:46am

VjetrenicaVjetrenicaThe Dosta! Movement appealed to federal and cantonal authorities to stop the attempts of illegal usurpation of Vjetrenica Cave, legally protected natural monument, to determine the responsibility of municipal authorities in Ravno and to resolve the issue of the legal status of the cave and take concrete measures for its protection.

The Movement supports Ivo Lučić, president of “Vjetrenica-Popovo polje” associations, who responded to the constant intrusions by municipal authorities and the police with a hunger-strike, as a means of last resort in the effort to protect that natural monument, unique cave in the world in terms of its rich biodiversity.

Dosta! supports his demands to Ravno Municipality to prevent all attempts at illegal and dilettante intrusions in the cave; to urgently resolve the legal status of Vjetrenica; to evaluate its distinctive marks and adopt appropriate protection measures; and to investigate the role the police has played in the intrusions. Dosta demands urgent response to those questions from the Municipal authorities.

“Ravno Municipality has “engaged” itself, regarding the protected natural monument, through opening of a quarry within the protected area, illegal construction, undermining efforts to protect Vjetrenica, and allowing exploitation of water from the cave lake, which is the home of over 200 animal species, 37 of them endemic”, says Dosta!, accusing municipal authorities of treating Vjetrenica as a new source of illegal income, in accordance with the prevailing trend of non-sanctioned privatisation crime.

In spite of the fact that all those actions are grave violations of the Law on Natural Protection and the fact that Cantonal Prosecution Office stated that the Municipality has no competence to intervene in Vjetrenica and dispose of its assets, municipal authorities, with the help of the police, broke into the protected area on May 13.

“It demonstrated that the Municipality of Ravno has no intention to stop with the violations of the law and devastation of a priceless natural monument. The police, on the other hand, proved again that it doesn’t know the law or doesn’t intend to protect it”, accused Dosta! Movement.

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