Freitag, 11. Dezember 2009

Montenegro: Dukanovic will schon wieder die Politik verlassen!

Wie oft will der noch die Politik verlassen, wäre nun die nächste Frage!

Top Mafia Boss Cane arbeitete direkt mit Djingic und Dukanovic zusammen

NATO in Cooperation with the Monte Mafia Boss: Dukanovic

Andrija Draskovic Kommandant von "Arkan" Partner von Dukanovic

Die Morde im Umfeld von Dukanovic in Montenegro

Die Montenegrinische Mafia - eine parastaatliche Organisation

Organised crime and corruption in Montenegro

Branko Marinkovic; Partner von Dukanovic und der Balkan Ustasha Mafia

Im Wandel der Dukanovic Mafia: Montenegro

Die Morde um Dukanovic im Balkan!

Montenegro's prime minister.

Montenegro's Djukanovic planning to leave politics

PODGORICA, Montenegro -- Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic confirmed on Thursday (December 10th) that he plans to step down before the end of his four-year term, but declined to specify when exactly. The current government's mandate expires in 2013. Djukanovic said that he would like to devote time to other plans, unconnected to politics. "I don't think it is necessary to carry out my whole mandate as prime minister," he told Reuters several days ago. "I have given enough to politics, more than 20 years," he added. (RTCG, RTS, Vijesti, B92 - 10/12/09)

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