Donnerstag, 17. Dezember 2009

The Privatization of the Brezovica ski resort

Im gesamten Osblock und im Balkan, waren die Privatisierungen bis jetzt eine reine Schieberei der "Eliten" mit getürkten Ausschreibungen. Die EU plant hier erneut einen Betrug, wie bei "Ferronikeli" durch den SPD Parteibuch Gänger Joachim Rückers. Der Erwerber für ein Butterbrot, war in Wirklichkeit eine ausl. Thyssen-Krupp Tochter Gesellschaft und die gesamte Ausschreibung und der Tender getürkt, von den Deutschen Betrugs und Lobby Sauhaufen.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Kosovo: EU does have some plans

Two current news items suggest that the EU still is spinning in circles over Kosovo. Spinning in circles is not necessarily bad but generally leads nowhere and can end up digging you a hole.

Perhaps assuming that Brussels has provided a big enough bonus for the Tadić government by finally moving ahead on visas and trade, the EU chief representative in Kosovo has announced that privatization of the Brezovica ski resort in the southern Serb municipality of Štrpce will now move ahead "in a transparent way, in cooperation between the EU, Belgrade and Pristina." Local Serbs have resisted the privatization fearing it would eventually mean "Albanization" of their livelihood and community. Serbia itself still claims ownership. Who might invest money in bringing the resort back into full operation while questions of ownership still exist is an interesting question. One might guess that the most likely would be those who don't care much about such questions because they have the money and a stake in Kosovo independence. (Thus the locals' concern.) Going nowhere or digging a hole?....

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