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Montenegro: Radical Muslims placed under surveillance

Montenegro: Radical Muslims placed under surveillance
AKI ^ | 8/19/10 | Staff
Posted on Donnerstag, 19. August 2010 20:45:05 by Bokababe
Podgorica and Beograd, 19 August (AKI) - Montenegro's security agency is stepping up surveillance of radical Muslims suspected of links with fundamentalist Wahabi movement in the region. Police have been authorised to tap the phones of alleged members of a group based in several towns in Montenegro, reports said.

There some 100 to 120 Wahabis in the tiny Balkan country, according to the national security agency.
The move came after a local politician Dzemail Suljevic from the Serbian part of Muslim-majority Sandzak - which has districts in Serbia and Montenegro - last week urged Muslims from the region to form an autonomous province.
Sandzak stretches from the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina to Kosovo over an area of 8,403 square kilometres. Six of its municipalities of are in Serbia and five in neighbouring Montenegro.
The towns in Montenegro that secret police from Podgorica have placed under surveillance are ones that Suljevic said should be "added" to Sandzak. They include Plav, Gusinje, Rozaje and Bijelo Polje.
The country's Wahabis are believed to be financed by various Islamic charities, Montenegrin news agency MINA cited the national security agency as saying.
The idea of autonomy for Sandzak, which has sparked opposition from both Serbia and Montenegro, reportedly comes from radical imam Muamer Zukorlic. He is known for his hostility to the state-endorsed official Serbian Islamic Community (IZS) and his spiritual allegiance to Bosnia.
Meanwhile, in Sadzak's town of Novi Pazar, the Serbian flag was brought down from local elementary school and burned, while the Bosnian flag was left intact.
Police said late on Wednesday they had arrested three young men in connection with the incident.

"Allah ist groß. Er floh aus seiner Heimatstadt und schwor Jihad. Sie verbrachte Ihr Leben in den Bergen und alles, was Sie mussten Sie geopfert, um Allah", sagt das Lied. Das Lieblings Lieder der Albaner Faschisten im Balkan, welche von kriminellen US Politikern und CIA Ganoven die Partner sind.

 Gut das man diese CIA Ganoven und Deppen rund um Allbright und Bill Clinton hat, in der Welt, welche diese Gestalten in den Balkan brachten.

siehe Albaner Faschisten und Bin Laden

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