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EU: Greece - Albania Gross-Border Programme

Greece – Albania

The present IPA Cross-Border Programme Greece/Albania is the product of a bilateral “Task Force”, responsible for the joint and interactive planning effort between the two countries.
Overall Objective of the Programme
The Global Objective of the programme is to increase the standard of living of the population by promoting sustainable local development in the cross-border area. This objective will be pursued along two Strategic Priorities:
Priority I Enhancement of cross-border economic development
Priority II Promotion and development of the environment and natural and cultural resources
Priority III  Technical assistance
  Programme Management
The Managing Authority of the Programme is the CIP INTERREG at the Ministry of Economy and Finance in Thessaloniki, Greece. Joint Technical Secretariat is located in Thessaloniki.
Programme website:

Eligible areas
The Programme eligible border area is composed of the following NUTS III regions:
Florina, Ioannina, Kastoria, Kerkira, Thesprotia in Greece;
Gjirokaster, Korçë, Vlorë in Albania; and
Grevena (under the territorial flexibility rule set out in Article 97 of the IPA Implementing Regulation).

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