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Blabber, Blabber: Dell: Kosovo political class, irresponsible

Verdrehung der Fakten Lage: Natürlich sind die Kosovo und Albanische Klasse, rein Kriminelle Banden und unverantwortlich!

Aber die Verantwortlichen sind vor allem die US und die Balkan Kontakt Gruppe, mit den wichtigsten Ländern wie u.a. auch Deutschland und England. Nun die Kosovo Politiker als unverantwortlich zubezeichnen ist unverantwortlich und Irre führend, denn verantwortlich sind die NATO Ganoven, weil Alles vor über 10 Jahren bekannt war. Man wollte ja viele Geschäfte machen rund um Bestechung und Betrug auch mit der US Mafia aus New York, der Brooklyn Mafia, welche tief im Drogen Handel steckt und mit Georg Soros verbunden sind. Bechtel ist ja nur ein US Firmen Namen, aber es geht auch Fake Firmen wie Bankers Petrol, welche nicht einmal in Canada Öl fördert und zur US-Israelischen Mafia gehört, wie die Manas Gruppe.

Die Plünderung der Öl Vorkommen im Kosovo und Albanien (  1 2)

"US Ambassador Dell laid the blame for this sad state of affairs"

Dell: Kosovo political class, irresponsible
01/11/2011 12:30

Dell: Kosovo political class, irresponsible
The US Ambassador in Prishtina, Christopher Dell, accused the Kosovo political class of being irresponsible. 

During a meeting organized by the British Council, Dell declared that the international community was the one that made the Kosovo politics what it is.

“Kosovo passes from one crisis to another. This has become a governing style. The Kosovo political class is completely irresponsible”, Dell has been quoted by Kosovo media.

In this meeting were present other international officials, such as Peter Faith, who also released critics for PM Thaci.

The second person in charge of EULEX, Andy Sparkes, declared that the European Mission has failed to implement law and order in Kosovo.

Kosovo: When All Else Fails, Blabber

The Quint's efforts to force a resolution of the north Kosovo crisis - caused by Pristina's unilateral actions and the Quint's own efforts to support them - have reached a stalemate.  The barricades remain and it seems that only the northern Serbs themselves could bring them down.  The Serbs have offered a formula for providing status-neutral freedom of movement (FOM) for KFOR and EULEX but these Quint agents refuse to accept the requirement to act only within their UN mandate.

So what do people do when they need to be seen doing something and really can't?  They blabber.  The chief Quint representatives were apparently blabbering quite a bit at a conference this week, with the American ambassador causing the biggest stir by suggesting that Kosovo seems to lurch from crisis to crisis and "this has become the governing style.” ICR Pieter Feith mentioned there were times when Prime Minister Thaci did not listen to him while EULEX deputy chief Sparkes talked about failures of the EU mission to live up to "expectations."  US Ambassador Dell laid the blame for this sad state of affairs on the UN mission in Kosovo for holding onto power too long and not giving the Kosovo Albanians the opportunity to learn by doing.  This triggered "irresponsibility on the part of Kosovo's political class" which "contributed to appearance of irresponsible media and a political class which is not capable of adopting its own decisions without external assistance."  This apparently leaves it to poor Dell and Feith to tell them what to do.

Dell's casting blame on the UN is cynical and ill-informed.  Cynical because the UN is actually in the hands of the UNSC which includes the US, UK and France.  The US had the number two spot in UNMIK for most of the last 12 years while West European countries had the number one spot.  I.e., UNMIK is what the European and US members made of it.  Ill-informed because as anyone familiar with the actual history of UNMIK can tell him, the Kosovo Albanians captured the mission early on and ran Kosovo through it even before "self-rule." 

Meanwhile, Interior Minister was also doing his share of blabbering. He suggested that KFOR can dismantle all the barricades in just a few days but wants to do it gradually, by winter.  Minister Rexhepi repeated the standard line that the barricades serve criminal and radical political interests while adding the new KFOR/EULEX bit about freedom of movement as an international standard that should be provided to KFOR, EULEX, Kosovo institutions and all citizens.  But he did also reportedly say there will be no further unilateral actions in the north.  Hopefully that is not just blabbering.

Joining in the blab-a-thon is the British Foreign Ministry still pushing the Brussels line that Serbia is so close to EU membership and all it has to do is agree to arrangements for the north.  Seems to overlook that if Tadic could, he would.  But he gets no help from the EU.


George Soros has running looting operations against , Russia, Serbia, England an Italy.
WSJ - blog ^ | July 11, 2011 | Milla Dukic 
Posted on Mon Jul 11 2011 10:54:08 GMT+0200 (Mitteleuropäische Sommerzeit) by cunning_fish

George Soros has running looting operations against , Russia, Serbia, England an Italy. George Soros is the leading megaspeculators; throughout his entire life up to this day, he has running looting operations against , Russia, Serbia, Englans an Italy. in September 1992, "in an eyeball-to-eyeball confrontation with the Bank of England," Soros destroyed the British pound and the Italian lira and made $12 billion in profit. Gorge Soros' Fundation providing financial and military aid to the KLA on Kosovo war George Soros, and a New York- based Albanian__ billionaire Sahit__Muja have shemed to get their hands on Kosovo's coal reserves, estimatet to be worth ower 300 billion dollars. Thaci government has reportedly assured Clinton that American corporations will be the chief beneficiaries of Kosovo's coal wealth. Ofcourse, her husband, Bill Clinton, just happened to be president of the United States during the Kosovo War. Mr. Muja__ and agent for Soros reportedly visited Kosovo five time last year seeking lucrative deals in the coal sector. Kosovo's coal reserves with over 15 billion tons of lignite are projected to be of great value in feeding power plants to provide electrisity for Kosovo and the region. As CEO of Albanian__Minerals, Sahit__Muja no doubt has desings on Kososovo's mineral resources, which also includes lead, chrome,zinc, gold, silver, copper, nickel. etc. Not suprisingly, as Serb TV station ( Kosova Crisis Center, April,17. 1999) found evidence of Soros' Open Society Fundation providing financial and military aid to the KLA during the 1999 Kosovo war. Likewise the Serbian consulate in New York issued a press release n July 22. 2009, about Sahit__Muja's shipment of weapons to Adem Jashari and other KLA commanders. This press release also suggested that Sahit__Muja had used his wealth and American political connections to help the Kosovo separatist KLA, UCK.

Kosovo Gangster und die Visa Befreiung

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