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The germans and Albania: Albania Accused of Blocking Kosovo Energy Project

 Blackmailing for the crime Clan of Salih Berisha:

Ibro Arben: Ex-SHIK Offizier of the criminal group of the Salih Berisha secret service in 1997

18 APR 12 / 08:12:23 Albania Accused of Blocking Kosovo Energy Project The Albanian opposition has called on Prime Minister Sali Berisha to explain why the government for nearly a year blocked an electricity interconnection line with Kosovo, amid allegations of undue influence by Serb energy traders. Besar Likmeta BIRN Tirana High voltage power lines Socialist leader Edi Rama called on Berisha on Tuesday to explain why Albania’s state-owned electricity transmission operator, OST, blocked the tender for the construction of a power line between Tirana and Pristina. Speaking at a meeting of Socialist MPs Rama addressed questions to Berisha, including allegations that the project was blocked to benefit Serbian energy traders who allegedly had ties to the premier’s family. “Why was this strategic project blocked for a year?” Rama asked. “Why did the Albanian government violate ethical and legal norms with a donor as important as Germany for a matter as important as the energy independence of Kosovo?” he added. The transmission line is considered a key energy project by both Albania and Kosovo, which are net importers of electricity and have to pay hundreds of millions of euros in costly electricity imports every year. The row follows the publication in the Pristina daily Zeri of allegations that the son of the Albanian premier, Shkelzen Berisha, met representatives of Serbian electricity trading companies in Vienna in order to block the project. He has denied the report as slander. Reacting to the allegations, Prime Minister Berisha also called the report by Zeri wholly untrue. Disputed tender: Albania offered the tender to construct a 400 kV electricity transmission line with Kosovo in March 2011 with financing for Germany's KFW bank. Two companies bidded for the project estimated to cost €39 million - Croatia's Dalekovod and Bosnia's Energo Invest. Dalekovod offered to build the power line for €36 million, while Energo Invest for €29 million. Although Energo Invest's offer was lower, Dalekovod was selected as the winner. But despite the approval of the tender by the financing institution, KFW bank, the Albanian transmission operator continues to keep the tender frozen, refusing to sign off the contract to Dalekovod. The Pristina daily claimed on Monday that the tender had been frozen after a deal was struck between Shekelzen Berisha and two Serbian businessmen, Vuk Hamovic and Damir Fazlic, during a meeting in Vienna. Hamovic is head of the Serbian energy trading giant EFT, while Fazlic is a Bosnian businessman and family friend of the Berishas. According to Zeri, the Serbian energy traders have an interest in blocking the interconnection line in order to control exports of electricity to Kosovo. Kosovo can currently import electricity only through Serbia. In a statement issued on Tuesday to Zeri, Shkelzen Berisha denied ever meeting Hamovic and Fazlic and described the allegation as slander. His father, the Prime Minister, told reporters at a press conference on Tuesday that the allegations were the work of the mafia. On Tuesday, the OST recalled that under Albanian law it could not approve the more costly bidder as the winner of the tender. However, KFW, which is financing the project, has a different opinion of the tendering procedure. After being asked by Albania to opt for the smaller Energo Invest offer, after Dalekovod was declared the winner, KFW maintains that such a move is not in Albania’s best interest. “Our thorough analysis of the [tender] results show that the evaluation has been carried out correctly and in accordance with tender documents,” KFW Director Roland Siller writes in a letter sent to Albania’s Minister of Finance, Ridvan Bode, “Neither the Albanian law on public procurement not KFW guidelines allow the termination of a correctly performed tender for retroactive changing of selection criteria,” he added.

Ehemaliger SHIK Offizier des Salih Berisha, sabotiert die KfW Geschäfte mit der Serbischen Mafia als Partner von Berisha 

16.4.2012: Kosovo Medien, werfen Salih Berisha vor, die neue KfW - Leitung zu sabotieren mit der Serben Mafia

Bin Laden and Berisha: arms for the Islamic Terrorist in Bosnia and Kosovo.

Yassin Kadi, der Bin Laden Financier und die Albaner UCK - KLA Terroristen

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